RMI Team Arrives in Pampa de Lenas

Posted by: | January 31, 2010
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Aconcagua

Well, after a lot of hustling around Mendoza; scrambling to both purchase and obtain permits (not done in the same location) and then go grocery shopping, we made it out of town and into the mountains! After a late evening and early morning of packing all our supplies at the Grajales facility in Penitentes, we were finally ready to hit the trail. We will spend tonight at Pampa de Lenas, our first trek camp.

Unfortunately, after a day of hiking we are still minus one Walter Hailes. Airline cancellations have kept him one step behind us for most of the trip so far. If all goes according to plan he should catch us at tomorrow’s camp at Casa de Piedra. The weather has been spectacular and the team is in great spirits!



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