RMI Team in Puebla, Mexico

Posted by: | February 18, 2010
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Hi this is Seth. The team is all in Puebla relaxing after a long day yesterday. We encountered a major storm at high camp on Ixta that prevented us from climbing to the summit. I was up most of the night checking in with the climbers and making sure that the tents were properly anchored and not getting covered in snow. It snowed most of the night and by the time we began our descent there were over three foot drifts in places. The blizzard increased in intensity as we left camp and the descent was a difficult one. Everyone remained in good spirits however and we managed to descend back to the Altzimoni hut by two o’clock PM. Once we were there we discovered, to our dismay, that the road was snowed in and our vehicles would not be able to pick us up. Our resourceful local staff was able to hike out and find a National Park employee with a four wheel drive truck that agreed to help us. His truck could only get to within a half mile of the hut so we shuttled loads in the blowing snow, loaded the truck with our gear, and hiked six miles out the road to the Paseo de Cortez. At the pass our vans were there waiting for us and we hopped in and drove to Puebla where we are staying at the beautiful Hotel Colonial. What a difference a day makes! The city seems a million miles away from where we were yesterday.



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