Clearer Weather - Summit Attempt Today

Posted by: | May 24, 2010
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Everest
Elevation: 26,000 ft.

Currently, the team is resting at the South Col waiting for the weather to calm so they can launch their final summit push. The original plan was to leave on the evening of the 23rd and summit on the morning of the 24th although weather moved in dropping several inches of snow which fell thru out the night. Because of the weather and limited visibility, the team decided to hold off on the summit push and patiently wait one more night. As of now, spirits and anticipation are high with an afternoon of clearing skies and decreasing snow. If things continue as they are, the team should have a good shot at a successful and safe climb.

On another note, I descended to Basecamp with one of our climbers on the morning of the 23rd in a decision that we felt was best for us. We are both currently down monitoring the radios with full support and wishful thinking for our teammates up high.

If things continue to go well, the team will depart the South Col tonight for an early morning summit. Wish them luck and safe travel!



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