Elbrus Team in Moscow

Posted by: | July 25, 2010
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Elbrus Southside

Hello Everyone,

Casey here checking in from Moscow.
All is well and the team arrived yesterday evening. We had a quick meet and greet, then headed out for a bite to eat before calling it a night as everyone was feeling the jet lag.

Today we had a wonderful breakfast and then set off on today’s adventure. We spent most of the morning in and around Russia’s famous Red Square. We started off with a quick visit of Lenin’s Tomb, then headed to the Kremlin for a few hours. Up next was a short subway ride to one of Moscow’s many Cathedrals and then headed back to see the beautiful St. Basil’s. Several team members did a little exploring on their own and others got a quick cat nap back at the hotel. We have just returned from a nice meal and are getting ready for bed again. Tomorrow we have an early departure and catch one more flight before we get to Elbrus.



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