Spending the Night at Camp One on Cho Oyu

Posted by: | September 25, 2010
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Elevation: 21,000 ft.

Everything is going great, in fact, things couldn’t really be better. The last two days have been incredibly sunny and warm, which was oh so needed. The whole team got showers yesterday, we did laundry, basked in the sun, and dried everything out. It was a nice finish to our rest days.
This morning we got up and had beautifully clear skies and a leisurely breakfast about 10 a.m. We then hiked about four hours to reach Camp 1 where we currently are. It sits about 21,000’ and we have a great view of the upper mountain conditions and climbers. There is a bit of wind blowing off the summit and it’s scouring some of the snow that has been deposited over the last ten days of snow we have gotten.

Everyone is doing great and feeling good. We are getting settled into our tents for the night. Firing up the stoves to make ourselves some dinner, then into our sleeping bags before the sun goes down. As soon as it does it gets chilly up here. We will be making ourselves as comfortable as can be. Things are going well. Tomorrow we are hoping to push all the way up to Camp 2 and spend the night there at around 23,000’.

We’ll check in tomorrow if we can get ourselves up to Camp 2. All right everybody, hope everyone’s doing well back home. We miss you.



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