Vinson: Team Back at High Camp

Posted by: | January 10, 2011
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Elevation: 12,500'

Hey everyone, Peter here and just checking in. We are back down at high camp. We had a very windy summit. I’m not sure if our call got out. We tried to communicate from on top. It was very cold, very windy. But we had a great successful climb today with everyone reaching the summit and we even took some time to get some great production. There should be some stills heading your way now. Some images from our climb today. Super cold. Super windy. But we’re all very happy to be back down at high camp where there’s just a slight breeze. And it’s about 8:30 right now, the sun is still very high in the sky. Tomorrow we will break camp and see if we can make it back to base camp. We had an awesome summit day. It was beautiful. It definitely pressed us. And we’re all going to sleep tonight pretty darn happy. So, that’s it for now and we’ll talk soon.

The team holding the 1966 Vinson flag on the summit of Vinson in a high wind Yep, yep, it is cold; an unrecognizeable Caroline George on the summit ridge of Vinson

Peter Whittaker checking in from high camp after summit

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