Vinson: Peter Describes Day One of Skiing

Posted by: | January 13, 2011
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Elevation: 7,200'

Hello everybody, this is Peter checking in with First Ascent/RMI ski team here at Vinson basecamp. And we just finished a fantastic day of skiing. We transitioned yesterday from the climb into skiing today and we went out and skied some shoulders and glacial areas right on the side of the runway here at Vinson base. And in the morning had a nice session and kinda got our ski legs under us and testing the snow and the slopes. This afternoon we went over, down valley a couple miles and off to some shoulders and planks, to the south and the snow was unbelievable. Two – three inches of some of the most beautiful, most sparkling snow that I’ve ever seen and we had just a great afternoon/ evening. We got back to camp at about 9 PM. Once again, Jake’s going to try and push out some images to show you what I’m talking about, but it was surreal and just an amazing ski day today, a beautiful snow in the most beautiful place in the world. And almost spiritual really, really, nice and so we’re all stoked. We’re back in camp and finishing dinner and then gonna hit the rack. Tomorrow will be one more day of skiing here and then we’ve got the maps out and we are plotting to find a piece between here and Union Glacier and we’ll take the twin otter probably day after tomorrow to get up in the air and look around for just the perfect mountain that is unclimbed and unskied. So that’s our plan. All is well here. Everyone’s healthy, happy, and really stoked about the turns we got today. We will check in with you tomorrow. And everybody have a good evening and we’ll talk soon.

RMI Guides Caroline, Seth, and Peter skin up a big slope outside of Vinson Base Camp, small in a massive, gorgeous landscape. RMI Guides Caroline, Seth, and Peter skin up a big slope outside of Vinson Base Camp. RMI Guide Peter Whittaker casts a long shadow on a nice slope outside of Vinson Base Camp. RMI Guide Seth Waterfall kicks up snow a couple of miles from Vinson Base Camp.

Peter describes the team's first day of skiing

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