Vinson: Patience, Day 2

Posted by: | January 16, 2011
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Elevation: 7,200'

We really shouldn’t complain, as it could be much worse. Some people have been waiting 11 days already at Union Glacier to fly back to Punta. We’ve only been stuck for two days. But, for an active group of people, two days lying in the tent in a fog as thick as pea soup…well, that can be like an eternity.

We’re hanging in there, though. We got a brief respite this morning when the clouds lifted enough to expose the checkerboard of icefall immediately outside of camp, and a brief glimpse down to the Nimmitz Glacier. But, then it all socked in again, encasing us in a deep, thick fog and taking visibility down to about 50 meters.

So, we read. We sleep. We listen to music. We eat. We repeat. Not much else can be done. Patience, and a good sense of humor - two essential elements for a good team in the mountains.

Jake Norton works on the laptop in the tent, editing photos for dispatch Kent Harvey shows footage to Seth Waterfall at Vinson Basecamp Peter Whittaker speaks with David Hamilton, ANI Supervisor at Vinson Basecamp, about the weather and flights

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