Mexico: Team Finishes with a Job Well Done

Posted by: | March 11, 2011
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After a safe descent from the top of Pico de Orizaba, it was apparent how lucky we were about the weather. All around us in the valleys below storms raged, but it was relatively warm and calm on our climb. We had the whole mountain to ourselves and with a skiff of new snow on the glacier, a clean canvas for a great day of climbing. Everyone climbed well, and we needed to because Orizaba makes you earn it. After a cup of tea and a quesadilla, we loaded up the trucks and headed back to town. It was beautiful out and the mountain was covered in alpenglow by the time we arrived back in the courtyard of Dr. Reyes. After a celebratory meal, we had a solid night’s rest after a big and great day. Congratulations team on a job well done!

Now it’s time to say adios. Thank you everyone for sharing in an awesome trip and safe travels back home.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

P.S.  Upon getting off the mountain we learned of the earthquake in Japan. Our thoughts and hopes go out to everyone in harm’s way. Suerte

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