Everest Base Camp Trek & Island Peak Climb: At Island Peak Basecamp

Posted by: | April 07, 2011
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Elevation: 16,685'

This is Linden checking in from the Basecamp of Island Peak.  We are camped out at the base and had a nice walk in this morning with clear skies. Rolled into Basecamp about mid-afternoon and got settled right in as the weather blew in.  Huffed and puffed for a couple of hours and now it’s clearing up.  We actually have some clouds lower down in the valley that are snowing and the wind is bringing the snow up.  It’s snowing right now but there are stars above us.  Optimistic that it will clear out by morning.  The team is doing well, definitely excited to be transitioning into the climb portion of the trek. Tomorrow we move to high camp and keeping our fingers crossed that the weather is going to hold so we can make a push for the summit the following day.  We will check in tomorrow and let you know how everything goes. Take care.

RMI Guide Linden Mallory

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