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Everest Basecamp Trek and Island Peak Climb: Summit!

Hey RMI, this is Linden Mallory calling with the Island Peak team after a successful summit of Island Peak this morning.  We reached the summit about 9:30 Nepali time this morning, and just had perfect weather. Today, April 9th, was chosen as an auspicious day for our Everest expedition. As today was the Puja Ceremony, sort of the opening blessing ceremony of the expedition and sure enough it worked pretty well for us as well.  We had probably the best weather we’ve seen in the past week up here in the Khumbu for our summit day. Woke up this morning about 2 a.m. and it was actually snowing. We had a couple inches of snow on the tents, but the stars were out and it was clear with some clouds blowing up from below from the lower valley so we set out on our climb and broke free of the clouds within about 30 or 40 minutes. It was chilly but pretty consistent throughout the trip but just beautiful skies. By the time morning broke, not a cloud in the sky and thankfully no winds so we powered to the top, getting on to the summit of Island Peak again about 9:30 and it’s about the size of a pool table so it’s a pretty small, little summit. We stood up there and snapped some photos and descended back down, packed up high camp and just arrived into basecamp, which is our final trip into the valley. So we’re all pretty excited to be dropping the packs and turning into bed.  It’s been a healthy day.  Everybody is doing well and put in a good effort today. We’ll check in tomorrow, headed back to Namche is the plan. We’ll try to get some photos off to everybody as well. That’s it. Hope everyone is well and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Take care.

RMI Guide Linden Mallory

Linden Mallory checking in after summit day

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Comments (8)

Congratulations to Tim and all!  What a finish to an incredible adventure - a blue sky climb in the middle of the Himalaya!  Safe travels on the trek out. Looking forward to pics and stories….

Posted by: Tom Gausman on

Thanks all for your comments!!! We rolled back into Namche after about 15 miles, a 10 hr day & a hot shower! Dan, remember the hike off of Mt Adams that one year? Multiply that by 3 or 4 & you’e got it! Deb—CAN’T WAIT to see you too. BTW, I won our NCAA B-Ball pool—aced out Linden & crew to take the pot of $70 Nepali Rupee ($US 1.07)—first pool I’ve one in awhile & I get a buck—must be karma.
RMI has put together an epic program here. If any of you have the itch, I highly recommend them.
Take care all & we’ll soon see you stateside!

Posted by: Tim McLaughlin on

Congrats on reaching top!  Go Vertical!  Hope you had plenty of Yak Snacks.  Safe journeys home and please know that I am impressed with all of you.

Posted by: Kate on

Congratulations!  Can’t wait to hear all the stories about your great adventure.  See you soon…

Posted by: Rory Robertson on

Hurray!  You all did it!  Fabulous!  Can’t wait to see more pictures!  Glad all are safe and well and hopefully getting a good rest!  What a day you have had.  Tim, I love you so much!  I can’t wait for you to get back so I can feel whole again!  Everything is great, and we will be looking forward to hearing from you or reading from you! Ha!  Deb

Posted by: Deb McLaughlin on

Great pics, and congrats Tim and Team!  Awesome stuff all!!  For you US citizens up there—great news….after much needling, Congress “passed” a “budget. ” Dems/Repub’s blamed each other all along while threatening to shut down the fed govt, again.  So, nothing’s changed in the US.  In further good news, since the govt will now remain open, you can officially process back into the US. ;)  Tim, for the important news, Butler lost, again.  In, what’s been called the singular worst Championship game ever (low score, and even lower shooting prctage), UCONN won.  Now, get home safe!  Over and out.

Posted by: Dan McLaughlin on

Am looking forward to seeing the pictures. It must have been breath taking to see the Peak. Good luck to all of you. Love Mom

Posted by: Cornelia on

Congratulations Tim and the rest of the team. I envy all of you. Thanks for the pictures. I know having to actually be there does’nt do justice to the photos, but let me tell you they are awesome. Have a safe return journey :)

Posted by: Scott Sanders on

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