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Mt. Everest Expedition: Starting through the Khumbu Icefall

Today, for the second time, Dave, my Dad, and I climbed up to the first ladders of the Khumbu Ice fall. After a delicious breakfast and saying goodbye to some good friends we’ve made here at Base Camp who were heading home, we set out on our climb at around 9:30am and got up to the first ladders around 11:00am.

Two days ago our team did the same climb. It took my dad and I nearly two and a half hours to get to our high point, (about 18,000 feet) and when we did we were whipped. Standing next to the first ladder this time around I felt significantly stronger- I wasn’t breathing nearly as hard and I actually got a chance to pick my head up and look at the amazing views of Base Camp and the valley below. Even climbing in an Ice fall the temperatures can get very hot, and this morning there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. About half way through our hike, clouds finally began to gather about the tops of the peaks surrounding us and we were sheltered from the blazing sun which is much stronger at these altitudes.

Our team is encouraged by our performance today. We feel much stronger, skilled, and acclimatized then we did even two days ago, and with this can get through the rest of the ice fall much more quickly and safely in the days to come.

Lastly, our thoughts and prayers are with all of our friends and family back home. I think my Westminster Varsity Lacrosse teammates are playing a big game today, and I wish them all the best! As for how we’re spending our spare time, we’re meeting lots of new people, and becoming almost professional dart, horseshoes, sudoku, and card players.

Thanks for following our blog!

Sara McGahan

On The Map

Comments (12)

keep up the great work!Today my dad changed a light bulb which is the highest he will climb this year. I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU! Love, Sophie

Posted by: Sophie on

SAYY!! i miss you so much, ive emailed you alot but you cant get your emails…. anyways, i dont want to leave a super long message but you rock so much and we are all thinking about you!! i LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION and hurry home!!!!!!! (im gonna text you later)

Posted by: lilly on

Sara and Bill, We are thinking about you from sea level here in Anguilla! We love the blogs. Please be careful. Love you guys! The Gardners

Posted by: The Gardners on

love to read what you two have been doing. fabulous trip. keep on keepin on. my prayers and thoughts are with you all the time. love, aunt mary

Posted by: aunt mary on

Hi Bill and Sara - I saw your post on the school website and wanted to send congratulations. You have both accomplished so much since your first trip to Kilimanjaro! I am so excited to keep up with your climb of a lifetime. Best wishes to you both. Climb safely!

Posted by: Amy Woodson on

Bill and Sara and Dave,
Good job acclimatizing.  Glad you’re getting into the icefall, and hope next time you’ll go all the way to Camp 1.  So glad you’re having fun.  Be careful.

Posted by: Mac Bridges on

Way to go gang!!!! Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Stephani on

That is so great Sara.  You are doing so well.  It has been great following your progress on this blog.  GO GO GO.  I am pulling for you.  Not much to report here fro m Chattanooga.  It is raining.  Looks like it is much more pleasant there!

Thinking of you on your fabulous journey.


Posted by: Lowndes Harrison on

How great that you and your Dad felt much stronger on the climb after only two days! And who would think it could get hot at 18000 feet. Thinking of you and wishing you great success. Much love. Grandma

Posted by: Grandma on

Bill and Sara,
We are thinking of you and excited for you!  It must be so beautiful there.  What a great experience! It’s interesting to read about the ice fall. Keep posting. We are praying for you.
The Dhillons (Dale, Marianne, Kyle, Austin & Evan)

Posted by: The Dhillons on

Great to hear about your progress and that you continue to feel strong.  Keep the updates and pictures coming!  Always thinking about you and your dad.  Love ya! - Uncle Martin

Posted by: Martin on

Bill / Sara -
Keri, Rosa Ti, and I think about y’all everyday. We send our love, strength, and energy - and, wish you all the best. Can’t wait to see y’all again - ao.

Posted by: Alfred Olivetti on

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