RMI Guides Depart for Shishapangma!

Posted by: | September 04, 2011
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RMI Guides depart for Shishapangma (26,289’)!

On the morning of September 3rd Rainier Mountaineering, Inc. guides Jake Beren, Elias De Andres Martos, Geoff Schellens, Erik Frank, Leon Davis, and Bridget Schletty departed from Ashford, WA USA, en route to the Tibetan Himalaya. Their goal is the fourteenth highest mountain in the world, Shishapangma.

The team will attempt the mountain without the benefit of supplemental oxygen or Sherpa support. In addition Jake Beren has brought his skis! If conditions are right Jake hopes to make a ski descent.

Stay tuned for dispatches and photos as this intrepid group of climbers make their way to the top of the mountain and home again.

Safe travels!

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