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Aconcagua Expedition: Carry to Camp 2

Today we carried up to Camp 2 to make a cache.  The wind was a constant presence, but we managed to get up to camp in good style and enjoyed the different views as we climbed to new heights.  Whispy clouds aloft slowly built throughout the day and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some decent weather to head our way, but we are prepared to outchill the storm if need be. 

Over dinner tonight we read everyone’s responses to the dispatches.  Thanks everyone, they were certainly a hit.  We miss you all and can’t wait to share the adventure when we return.

Finally, from the tent and minds of 2 Richs and a Trevor comes a poem.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Andes, not a creature was stirring, not even the Spaniard.

Team RMI lay in bags way up high,
Hoping to delay peeing until dawn’s early light

When out of the sky came a horrible roar,
And one more wind blast made us all hit the floor.

For almost 2 weeks we have not seen a tree,
Or even a plant a Guanaco might eat.

Our time is spent sleeping on boulder-strewn scree,
Or climbing steep slopes that grind on our knee.

The air is so thin that it jumbles our thoughts, and after some pitches we only see spots.

And yet on this day our thoughts turn to home and all of the loved ones that we’ve left alone.  So for this reason we send our love from above and say we can’t wait to see you when our climb is all done

So we close with the words that we hear everyday from Jake, Elias, and Geoff who show us the way. On Adam, on Katie, on Dave, and on Kim, on Eric, on Craig, on Trevor, and Rich (and Rich)

Merry christmas and happy holidays! And to all a good night!

RMI Guide Jake Beren

On The Map

Comments (14)

Merry Christmas Kim! It’s really warm here and feels more like fall than winter.  Have a great day, even if your just sitting a tent ;)

Posted by: Shaun on

Hi Geoff
May your days be merry and bright.
Always thinking of you,
love Stephanie

Posted by: Stephanie Hampton on

Hi Geoff and everyone! Merry Christmas from Port Clyde, Maine. Hope all is well there. Loved the poem. Geoff, glad you caught up with the group. We’re thinking of you and wish y ou well. Also thank you for all the wonderful gifts from Nepal and Tibet. really fun for us. Right now it’ s snowing and we’re looking over the cold Atlantic Ocean… Very beautiful! Merry. Christmas and safe trip!!! Lots and last of love,  Dad

Posted by: Dick Schellens on

Merry Christmas, Geoff!!!!  I hope you’re having a safe trip.  I miss you and I can’t wait to hear from you when you get back!  Thanks for the wonderful Christmas presents!  You’re the best brother EVER!!!!

Posted by: Avery on

Hello from Arubga to Katie, Adam & fellow trekkers,
Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for good weather and a successful climb.  Here’s to you—from the deck of the Emerald Princess!!!!

Posted by: Maggie & Sue on

David G, Merry Christmas to you and your holiday family! Have a safe and happy one. Pretty quiet around here, waiting for Mike and Logan to show up and change that soon. Love you, Mom

Posted by: Connie on

Dave Gee:  Merry Christmas Babe!  Loved the update and poem today, which led to a record breaking length of a Jake Beren blog post.  :). We passed around the blog update on my new iPad and my family sends their love.  We all wish you could be here with us tonight.  It’s been a great Christmas Eve filled with football, lots of food and drink, games around the kitchen table, eggnog and Chistmas Movies, along with an occasional siesta.  I think tomorrow a.m. is going to have to start with a run, after everything we consumed today.  Here’s a Christmas cheers to you and the team making it up further tomorrow with no wind.  Stay Strong and take in every minute.  I love you more than ever.  I miss you
P.s.  Jake…thanks for reading our comments to the team.  Please take good care of my favorite person on earth.

Posted by: Wendi on

Hi Trev and gang! Weird to be in California for Christmas but morning coffee in the sun is devine (a couple hours of laser tag earlier today is also a bit non-traditional). None of it compares to seeing the world from your vantage point. Spoke with dad - he got quite the chuckle out of your poem, Trev, and made the comment that you have several hidden talents. Hope the bodies and lungs are strong. Wishing you all hugs. Love you, Trevie xoviv

Posted by: Vivian on

Keep an eye out for Santa and your ears open for a ho ho ho.

Posted by: Mark Weber on

Rich, thinking of you and sending much love.  Merry Christmas!  All is peaceful here in Santa Ynez.  Both Roxy and I miss you.  Loved the poem, but keep your day job…and as you close in on the summit just remember to stay mean, stay angry.

Posted by: Christina on

Kim, Merry Christmas.  I picked up some Full Sail Jubilations to celebrate tomorrow.  I’m glad to hear you guys got up to cache.  Climb strong.  Miss you, and looking forward to a Portland beer or two with you when you get down.

Posted by: Craig on

I’m gonna be heading down on Jan. 5th with RMI to give it a shot. Can’t wait to hear about everyones success! I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers out for you all. I know that it will be a great trip. You are all amazing for facing this great challenge. It may be difficult to even remember why you climb while on Aconcagua due to the fact that your body hurts or its hard to breath..but always remember that climbing brings out the best of the human spirit. When the challenge is at its greatest, this is when we grow stronger. “YOU ALL HAVE WHAT IT TAKES”! Touch that metal cross on top and let it know i will see it next month;)

Posted by: Bryan Blalock on

MERRY CHRISTMAS TEAM ACONCAGUA!Push hard against those winds.Not much snow here in Saskatchewan either. Predicting +4 for Christmas Day…..not complaining though. Global warming at its finest.Trev, spoke to your dad and your sister today. All is well. The boys miss you very much but are excited to read the teams progress. Take care of my baby. Love you Trev!

Posted by: L.D Carani on

Merry Christmas Katie & Adam!! It sounds like you are your team are doing fantastic! Keep up the good work! We are so impressed. It sounds like it is a fantastic adventure.  The weather is not very Christmas like here. No snow!  Andy and I are going to mountain bike tomorrow at yankee springs before heading up to GR for Christmas Day.  Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

Posted by: Marisa on

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