Mexico’s Volcanoes: Acclimatization Hike on La Malinche

Posted by: Jake Beren | February 13, 2012
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Elevation: 10,000'

Hello this is the RMI Mexico’s Volcanoes Team checking in from La Malintzi, which is at the base of La Malinche (14,636 feet) this is the mountain we went hiking on today. For the first time that I’ve ever seen there was a fair bit of snow to hike through up top to get to the ridge.  The team did very well getting through some pretty good conditions; a little bit of snow, a little bit of wind, and a little bit of rain.  A real mixed bag. It was a great day and everyone did very well. We are going to grab some dinner and get ready to head toward the Altzimoni hut tomorrow which is at the base of Ixta. 

That’s all from here, everyone is doing great and we will keep you posted.

RMI Guide Jake Beren

RMI Guide Jake Beren checks in from Mexico after the team's acclimatization hike.

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