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Everest Base Camp Trek: Acclimatization Hike Above Pheriche

While we were expecting a chilly night of sleep, it was surprisingly warm in Pheriche. The colder temperatures rumored in the valley this spring didn’t affect us as much as we anticipated, much to everyone’s pleasure. Without needing to reach the next village before the weather set in, we took our time at breakfast, going through several thermoses of tea before we headed out for a hike. Leaving Pheriche, we climbed directly up the tall hillside behind town and across a rolling plateau to a ridge running from the higher hills above. Pausing there we had clear views southwards back down the Khumbu Valley towards Tengboche and eventually Namche. To our west the valley continued up further before turning sharply north and into the final cirque of mountains where Everest Base Camp is. To the east ran the Imja Khola Valley, framed at the top by a ring of mountains surrounding Island Peak - the climbing objective for a few of us next week after we visit Base Camp.

We climbed a bit higher up the ridge, eventually stopping in a spot protected from the gentle but still biting breeze. Staying up there for awhile, we looked at the panorama of great Himalayan peaks and giving our bodies the feel for the higher elevations to come. We descended back to our tea-house by midday and spent a few hours relaxing the the sun room - a greenhouse like room built on the second story that heats up quite quickly during the day - before heading next door to the Himalayan Rescue Association Clinic. Volunteer doctors staff the small medical facility here, offering medical care for the local population as well as trekkers affected by the altitude. They gave us a very informative briefing on altitude and demonstrated the use of a Gamow Bag - a portable hyperbaric chamber used to simulate lower elevations.

The team remains in great spirits, managing the newer altitudes well and keeping the trip lighthearted and convivial. Tomorrow we climb further up the valley to the tiny village of Lobuche, sitting alongside the toe of the Khumbu Glacier. It is exciting to be approaching our destination and we are looking forward to the days ahead.

RMI Guide Linden Mallory

On The Map

Comments (12)

Hey girls - like everyone else I’m amazed by your accomplishments and very grateful for the good weather and good health (so far) you all have enjoyed.  What an adventure.  Until today I had been just reading Dana Marie’s blog (which is great - thanks for doing that D-M - it has been the highlight of my days), and when Sasha told me everyone was posting on the blog I had no idea of what she was talking about until a client who is thinking about doing a trek sent me the link after I was talking about your exploits.  While lacking the color of D-M’s posts, it is great to get the skinny from the guides on what you are doing every day and love the pictures.
Hope you all continue to feel well and enjoy the trip.

Posted by: Mike Hogan on

Hi mom! I love u! Hope u r having fun. Miss u!
Love Katie

Posted by: Katie on

Hi mommy its carter. Hope you are having fun. I miss you so much! I’m glad having fun! Love you

Love Carter

Posted by: Carter Hogan on

Forget the Yetis, both Thurstons now want you to bring us back a snow leopard to play with Moose. We miss you. I am trying to buy a piece of Libblie Market since I am spending so much money there. I am starting to feel self-conscious now that I go in there each night in that I fear the staff figure me to be some poor old single loser who does not know how to cook (they are right on at least a couple of counts). Stay warm and safe. We are proud of all of you!

Posted by: Thurston on

You truly are on top of the world! Take care and be safe. Corell, I miss you—hopefully our Blue Devils will have a better run in the NCAA tournament next year!

Posted by: Carolyn Brown on

The mountains, the views are so beautiful.  Do you feel
closer to God so high up there?  On another vein, it’s
like Outward Bound on steroids!  Your abilities to
overcome & accomplish anything are going to magnify after this.  XXOO

Posted by: Susan on

Really impressed by all of your feats!  Good luck on the next leg. Looking forward to the next communica. Hope weather holds. Miss you.

Posted by: John on

Glad it’s warmer than you had expected - we hope that trend continues.  Great seeing all of you singing yesterday, although we didn’t have any sound, Christopher was thrilled.
Elise is back from the DR and now following your exploits on this blog. 
The concensus around here is that you are “the coolest moms in the world”.  High praise indeed…

Posted by: Carter Sr on

Hey Mom, it’s Sally.  The pictures today were really cool!  I still want to see a Yak.  Every thing is great here.  We have gold/white field day tomorrow.  Dad made another great dinner tonight…  Hurry home, if you know what I mean:-)

Posted by: Sally on

You all are on top of the World, literally and figuratively!  The pictures and descriptions of what you are doing are simply amazing.  We are so proud of each of you.  John B is right; you are the talk of the town.  Be prepared for a ticker tape reception at Byrd International Airport upon your triumpant return.  Now that I think of it, Admiral Byrd would be quite impressed by your achievements.  Keep it up and have fun on your approach to Base Camp Everest!

Posted by: Hugh on

Hey Jane!!!(smile)  How are you….I know you are having such a wonderful time. Holly has been telling me all about it and I even saw your pics!! I’m so proud of you, you looking AMAZING!!! We are here waiting for your return, everyone is asking about you, we miss you, class isn’t the same without you…LOVE YOU MUCH GIRL(-: NICOLE

Posted by: Nicole on

We are all following your exploits and you are the talk of CCV, L&G Starbucks and SealTeam, the three pillars of Richmond high society. Much of the talk is comparing and contrasting Linden’s and Dana Marie’s blogs.  Being partial I have posted Dana’s on Facebook.  Ames likes the sound of Lobuche and said on facebook “Lama Geshe must have more cents than ALL of us combined and multiple by an Obama trillion!”  I have been asked a bunch how it is to be a single Dad.  I finally had a good comeback, “all the work without the dating”

Good luck as you approach EBC

Posted by: john barsenti on

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