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Mt. McKinley: Nugent & Team Summit!

Hey this is Gilbert with the RMI May 15th expedition calling after a successful summit day here on Denali.  We are back safe and sound in our tents brewing up some water and dinner. We left around 10 am under clear skies and very little wind.  We had a great summit with eight clients and three guides.
Now we are back safe and sound.  We are going to re-hydrate and re-fuel and beat feat down to basecamp and hopefully fly out in the next 24 hours or so and be back in Talkeetna. 
So, that is all for now and we will keep in touch.

RMI Guide Gilbert Chase

RMI Guide Gilbert Chase checks in after a successful summit day on Denali.

Comments (27)

Elizabeth and the Nugent team.

That’s just fantastic.  So happy to hear you got a weather window to summit.  Congratulations.

Posted by: james rozzelle, ann shepherd, Josie on

Congrats Stuart!!! You did it! Can’t wait to hear al abut it.
Stay safe! Love Patti

Posted by: Patti Emmert on

Congrats Mom and co.! I knew you could do it!

Posted by: Sheena on

Well Alright!!!! Congratulations Dr Deeb and Team Nugent 100 degree Tucson temps are waiting for you :) Safe Travels back

Posted by: Robin Alexander on

Brandi Bailey, you awesome, gorgeous, animal of a woman.  I am in awe of you and your team.  Congrats on reaching your goal.  You are totally amazing.  I have followed this blog every day and can’t wait to hear all about your adventure in person.  Safe travels back down the mountain and home, and much love,  Linda

Posted by: Linda Mallis on

WOW!! WOW!! Brandi & Team
way to go!!! congrats!
u r one amazing girl!!
love mom & Dad (((HUGS)))

Posted by: beverly bailey on

Great job Elizabeth and team!!!!  Love the Bailey’s.  Now get your butt home safely!

Posted by: Peter Bailey on

Congrats EMH!  You certainly are no ‘accidental adventurer’!

Posted by: michele on

Congrats EMH!  You are no ‘accidental adventurer’ for sure!!

Posted by: michele on

Wow Elizabeth-  well done!  What an amazing feat.  You are such an inspiring woman.  Going after your dreams and always looking for bigger challenges.  Congratulation.  Can’t wait to hear stories.  Lisa

Posted by: Lisa on

I’ve been traveling to make my way to Talkeetna, so I’ve missed the last few live phone calls…

The latest voicemail a few mins ago says something about “I’ll try to call you when we get to 11 [camp]”.  So to me this means that either they didn’t go down yesterday at all and are still sitting at 17K, or didn’t go far, only to 14K. 

In a full day of descent you usually get to 11K camp.  I would guess they willed themselves down to the relative comfort of 14K yesterday and it turned into a 1/2 rest day for those who needed it after a grueling summit push.

So if they’re just at 14K now, it’s unlikely they’ll be off the mountain before tomorrow, given their pace up to now…

That’s all I got, will relay more information as I get it!


Posted by: Kristian on

Congrats, john and the whole team. We were super excited to hear the news yesterday! Now, get home safely so we can hear all the details. Thanks again for including us on this journey!

Posted by: dominique srdanovic on

Congratulations to you and the team John. Enjoy the walk out.


Posted by: Matt unsworth on

Well Done! Congrats Stuart and Team.

Posted by: Matt on

George, congratulations from the three of us and also from several friends and relatives from both continents. We wish you a smooth trip home and can;t wait to have you back home.

Posted by: janina on

Congrats Dr. Deeb! I guess you still have your mojo. Nice work.


Posted by: Kerk on

Yay!! Congrats to the whole team! Brandi and Gilbert, I am so excited for you. Can’t wait to hear all the details. Have a safe trip down and enjoy the first beer back in Talkeetna :)
Hugs, Verena

Posted by: Verena on

Congratulations to the entire team, guides and climbers for a job well done!  Excellent news!

Posted by: Mark Rickert on


Wished we could have been there to share the experience of the summit with you.
We love you, miss you and are crazy proud of you.

Sherri, Stsve and Ann Marie.

Posted by: Sherri, Steve and Ann Marie on

Congrats and High Fives all around!!! You must all be so pumped! Congrats and be safe coming back. Can’t wait to see pics and hear the stories. John…tomorrow I will ask your guys what they did over the weekend while you were on top of the world! Talk soon and be safe!!

Posted by: Caroline on

Congratulations to the team! Donny, the family was following from Charlotte and happy to hear the news. Safe travels home to all.

Posted by: Susan Banks on

From Mom:  Dear George, congratulations, Love Mom

From Mark:  You get an ATTABOY and a well done!!

Posted by: Mark Danielson on

Well done John and gang,knew you would get there in the end.Be safe on the way back,now you know the way.Gene,The irish gang.

Posted by: Gene Costello on

Congratulations to the whole team.  You did it together. We were watching you in St. Louis.  Uncle Jim

Posted by: Jim on

BB, Elizabeth and the entire team - Congratulations to you all - it has been a humbling experience to sit here at sea-level and think of you guys way up there in the clouds. I am so happy for all of you, and for all your loved ones that your goal has been achieved. Huge credit and thanks to your guides as well. Sage travels back down .... Enjoy the beers that are waiting for you…you deserve them.

Posted by: Paddy on

  Elizabeth and team.  WOW so very very proud of everyone,  Accomplished in 16 days unbelieable :-).
Great job and team work.  Everyone is very happy for you all.
  Major hugs and love.    Mom & Dad

Posted by: Maureen BArtron on

Elizabeth: congrats to you and the team on a challenge well met! Look forward to talking with you about some details. Also, you summited on your cousin Steve’s BD. Love ya. Safe trip home.

Posted by: UA & AJ on

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