Ecuador: Nugent & Team Waiting out Weather on Cotopaxi.

Posted by: Billy Nugent | June 27, 2012
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Elevation: 16,000'

6/26/2012 4:00 pm Hey Everybody it’s Billy calling to check in from the Jose Ribas Refugio here on Cotopaxi (16,000’ ft). We elected to head up the hut early so we could give ourselves a full night and a little bit better of a chance of getting to the top because the weather has been so poor. So we are going to get up in the middle of the night tonight and hopefully these winds will die down a bit and the lenticular clouds will clear.  If the weather is not very good we will attempt a day climb. So we will check in again tomorrow and let you know how things played out.

6/27/2012 7:00 am Hey Gang, it’s Billy again. I’m calling to let you know that we got up in the middle of the night last night and it was blowing pretty hard so we decided to wait until the morning to see if we could attempt a day climb. We got up around 6 and we had a big lenticular cloud and pretty steady wind of 40 mph here at the hut. It is blowing a pretty consistent 50 mph just above where we are at right now. We are back into a holding pattern. So tonight will be our last chance to go climbing. We will head out into it unless it is just absolutely insanely awful.  So wish us luck. Hopefully the winds will have died down and we will have chance to get out and do some climbing. We will check in again to let you know how things went.

The Base of Cotopaxi Photo: Billy Nugent Sunset at Jose Rebas Refugio Photo: Billy Nugent

RMI Guide Billy Nugent checking in from Jose Ribas Refugio on Cotopaxi.

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