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Mt. Rainier: June 27th Summit!

Our Four and Five Day Summit Climb teams led by RMI Guides Dan Windham and Casey Grom reached the summit of Mt. Rainier today. They reported beautiful skies, but the weather was cold and a bit breezy. Both teams are en route to Camp Muir and we expect them back at Ashford Basecamp later this afternoon. Congratulations to today's teams!

Comments (17)

Congratulations little brother (Jon)!! You never cease to amaze me. One more thing off the bucket list. You rock!!

Posted by: cleep on

Racheal we are so pround of you and we are all waiting for your return. we wanna hear all about it. we know you were gonna make it. Lots of love from your team in preadmit.

Posted by: Annett on

filled with admiration and happiness for dan and the team! make sure your shoes are tied and don’t trip on the way down. love, dad

Posted by: bob shomaker on

Congratulations Dan,Justin and Ben so happy and proud of you all

Posted by: Celia Sefrin on

You guys are an inspiration to us all.  Be safe!

Posted by: Herfert on

You are my HERO Sister Sledge!!!  Good Luck Team Okita!!

Posted by: Sarah Lukas on

Nice work Matty and Kevin. I have notified Ashford Basecamp to stock up on some extra baranski’s.
“Who’s that drunk guy?” “That’s Matt!” “No, the one next to him.” “Oh, thats Kevin”
- Everyone

Posted by: Wobby on

Congrats Dan and to your whole team!  What an amazing accomplishment.  I am excited to see all the pics.  Mike

Posted by: Mike on

Yahoo!!! Congratulations Matt and Kev, I’m fired up for you boys. Great to see CSU well represented on Rainier… now get off that mountain!

Posted by: Dewey on

HOORAY Matt, Kinder, Jason, Blake, Kevin and all.  Have been watching the blog for news.  THRILLED you got to summit.  I Knew you could do it.  You’ve always conquered all you set out to do. All eager for your stories. Love and aloha, MOM

Posted by: Mary Jo Corboy on

Congratulations Jon and the rest of your team! What an adventure!

Posted by: Janice Muntean on

Congratulations to all and to you Jon!  Thanks for taking Jim along for the climb!  :)

Posted by: charleen Baller on

Congratulations fellows - one and all!  Blake - we’re so proud of you - a true test of your endurance.  We can’t wait to see you at “Home” base camp.

Posted by: Annalisa Church on

Congratulations,Dan, and to all the team and guides. Wish we were there to help you celebrate.  This is a great accomplishment! Looking forward to hearing the exciting stories about the adventure.  Mary Ann and Bob

Posted by: mary shomaker on

Congratulations to all! Thanks to the guides for getting you there safely! Adam - SO excited for you and A, G, and I can’t wait to see you. xoxo

Posted by: Jen Balukonis on

Finn and I are so proud of you Matt! Much love and congratulations to the whole team of warriors!
“They conquer who believe they can.”

Posted by: Kara on

Congratulations to everyone!  So excited for you all.  Jon B; looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing about the adventure.

Posted by: Tammy Olsen on

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