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Mt. McKinley: Knoff & Team Part 2 Saying Hello

We apologize to Mike and Nelson’s family’s for missing their hellos.  Here they are saying hi to their followers. 

Nelson: Mom, Dad, I’m having an absolute blast. I love it up here. Thank you so much for making this happen. I’m feeling great and getting excited for the imminent summit push. Tomorrow (weather permitting) we’ll get to the top of the fixed lines and up onto the famed West Buttress. Long story short, I’m having a great time. Thank you so much. To everyone else who I told to follow the blog (probably a good 3 people or so) this place is way sweet. Wicked fun. Big Rik—you need to get up here sometime, it’s fantastic. Lynn—of course I’m winning and writing lots. I’ll have plenty of stories for you all. It’s cold, fun, and badass. Love, Nels

Hi Susan, Mel, Hannah, family and friends!  Thanks to everyone for your posts.  Your thoughts mean so much. I’m having a great time, staying warm, and the guides make sure we eat very well.  After being snowed in today, we’ll hopefully move to high camp in the next few days where we stage our attempt for the summit.  Miss you all!  Love Mike

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Been following the team’s progress—sounds like yet another awesome adventure! As promised—important news down here:  Colorado continues to burn, Obama-“care” passed, and basically Repub’s and Dem’s still hate each other’s F’ing guts.  Oh, almost forgot the most important news dominating the papers/internet: Tom Cruise and his wife are getting a divorce.  Just goes to show you—we are still a bunch of collective idiots to care about that crap down here.  So, PLEASE, march on!  Live the dream for the rest of us shmucks!  Be safe and know you’ve got your fans rooting for you—and, your entire team’s good fortunes.  And, remember, Warrior II photo on top!  And, take it easy on your team-mates up there—you CAN control that gas of yours—stop using the altitude as an excuse!  Little Bro.

Posted by: Dan McLaughlin--aka, Little Bro on

Oz is on his way to Georgia with the Barteks!  I’m trying to stay out of the Raleigh heat—high today of 104!  Boone sounds way better with a predicted high of 92.. Doing some work around the house and checking your weather and for updates..
Hope to hear from you soon!

Posted by: Stephanie on

Hi Mike so glad to hear everyone is doing good. I can’t believe you are almost to the summit. This is so exciting. Be careful. Very hot here,just looking at all that snow is refershing. Love you Donna

Posted by: Donna on

Now for the important news,
Both your boys(Denny and Kyle) were in the top 10 in saturday nights race. Jr came in 4th (Kez won, But I didn’t pick him). Next week is Daytona. Richies going.

Posted by: YETI on

Hi Dad
Saw moms car at (rosebud)Rosewood, Hmmmm

Posted by: yeti on

Hi Daddy!  I miss you!  I’m making Mom go Vegan for one month with me. She hasn’t had ice cream withdrawals yet!!!  Love you!

Posted by: Mel and Susan on

D.G., it was 106 degrees today in KY, hot,hot, hot.  Think about it and maybe it will warm you up. It’s official, Andrew is a plebe.  Bad storm in that area so Lori and family left early headed south to pick up Oz for his visit.  I’m following the post each day.  Stay safe, see you soon.
Love Mom

Posted by: Caroline on

Tim , Beth and I have spent some time in Winthrop much needed rest, but my I-pod works so i can check on you while I listen to Pandora ! I hope you are having a great time,you trained hard.Talk to you soon.  Rick

Posted by: Rick on

Hey, Tim!
I hope you are fine, working hard and loving it!  We all miss you!  Kelsey put a Facebook status:  Finally some summer weather…where are you, Dad?  I think she’s wondering about the boat, ya think?
I wasn’t sure whether to send word about Mary, but I don’t want you to get bomb-shelled when you get back.  I don’t know yet as to her condition as far as time left.  Nobodys hitting Jim with those kind of conversations.  They will work it all out, and I know she will look forward to a visit with you.  (Jim, too)
I wish you could write to us, this seems so onesided, but I know you and you are thinking of us all the time. (Especially, ME!) Ha!
Cherries look good, praying that the weather holds.
Everyone is happy and healthy.  Gavin is starting to look for places to perform to practice for his audition.  He’s still going on August 13, 14 (audition), 15 (Home).  BTW, I spent a little money for his “cause” and bought him a speaker, amp, sound-board type thingy (I know.  I’m so technical, huh?)  Anyway, when he pairs it with the mic and cords and stands, he has everything he needs to perform ANYWHERE!  This whole system runs for 12 hours on 8 AA batteries!  Cool, huh?  He tried it all out at Avalon, and we all got teary-eyed.  Send good thoughts his way, huh?
Well, I am going to Matt Diaz’s mom’s memorial with Nana and I better get back to make-up Blah! and hair.

Always and Forever,
Your Deb

Posted by: Deb on

LOVED, LOVed, loved your post! What an adventure. Sounds like the weather Gods have been smiling on you for the most part. Hopefully that will continue to be the case. Wonder what Mr. Frick’s question for the day would be? Did you ever dream that you would make this journey from the flat lands of KS? What a wild ride you have had the last three years and the fun is use beginning!
Hugs from home, Mom

Posted by: Jennifer on

So happy to hear from you nels!! Ahh I can’t wait to hear everything.. Stay safe up there

Posted by: Erica on

Yay!  So glad to hear from all of the group!  How wonderful!  Glad you are all feeling strong and happy.  Can’t imagine how amazing and beautiful it is!  Lots of Love - s,m and h!

Posted by: Mel and Susan on

Hi Mike, Sounds like you having a great time. 90 plus degrees here. Bring some of that cold with you when you come back. Stay safe and injoy. 
Chip and the gang at Roar

Posted by: Chip on

Thanks Nelson for the update.  Sounds like a truly once in a lifetime experience.  Good luck on the West Buttress.  Love the posts.  Go summit!

Posted by: Bill Collet on

  Hi Michael R.
  Hope the weather gets better and you can move up
  soon on your way to the top. Glad you are doing well.
  Thinking of you. All is well here.
                Lv, Nannie

Posted by: Barbara Bird on

My scarf is on the summit ~ don’t forget to pick it up (hee hee). Look forward to hearing about your adventure.
Have a great trek to the top! Give a big shout out for me when you get to the top.
Lv, Diana and Brian

Posted by: Diana Lantry on

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