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Mt. McKinley: Knoff & Team Say Hello from 14K Camp

This is the June 19th Denali expedition sending love from 14,000 foot camp.  We received a foot of fresh snow last night distracting us from our scheduled plan of carrying loads to the top of the fixed lines at 16,200 feet.  Because of this unexpected delay we are resting today fending off climbers soliciting food to lighten their loads for the descent. 
We have decided to pass the phone to let each team member send a personal hey to friends and family. 
This one goes out to my wife Birgen and son Liam.  I have only tried to spoon Uchal twice thinking of you.  He elbowed me both times.  I miss you as much as ever and can’ t wait to get home to you both…..
DG here. Miss and love you all. Doing great up here and everything is rock steady.  Hugs Oz and see you soon. Can’t wait for you to join me.
It’s Chris. Special thanks to all of you who posted messages and words of encouragement on the blog. It means a lot and gives me some extra fuel for the push up the peak. Nickie - I love you so much and can’t wait to see you again after a successful trip. Cheers!
This is Michael U. I hope all is well back home and abroad! I miss and love you all so much. O Sorry for leaving you to care for the new K-9. Grace, HB, Samer, Charlotte, Lulu, and the rest of the family - I can’t wait to see you when I get home.
Greetings from JJ, amazing group of guys, amazing mounting and truly an experience of a lifetime to be here.  Priorities change when life is stripped to the essentials. Peace, joy and love of friends and family take in a new and heightened priority. Please know I am very safe and that my love for you is growing with each step.  I miss you all and have many big hugs in store for all upon my return, especially the new love of my life.  See you at the wedding if not sooner.  Love, John
Hello fam & friends—Tim here. It’s hard to explain what the top of our continent looks like—truly amazing! Thx for all of your posts, luv sharing them in the “posh”  (a funky community eating/gathering area). Great guides & climbing team, we’re all looking up at the top now.
Love & miss you all—literally dreaming of you nightly—altitude makes for some strange dreams BTW.
Thx for covering me during cherry harvest & all the other “stuff.”  See you in a couple of weeks!!!



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Comments (5)

John, Great to hear all of you are doing fine. We are just home from the “small hills of NC”  As we go along in life we do learn more of love, laughter and thankfulness.  Blessings to all of you climbing.  Jackie and Paul

Posted by: Jackie Winchell on

What no news fro you Nelson?? I know that you are having a trip of a lifetime. Check in next time the phone goes around. The moms in KC (that would be Mrs. G and me) are worried :-) Can’t wait to see you ... and the amazing photos. I would definitely be up for Killi next year. Lots of love, Mom

Posted by: Jennifer Collet on

Hey Chris I got a story for ya…tonight we were at the Moose’s Caboose and I overhear this clown talking about summiting “Denali.” So I was asking him if it was the West Butress route and he’s like “nah we came in from the southeast” (1st red flag). And so I ask him how long it took him and he said 5 days. So I called hm out on it (you know me). And I was like “you got a lotta nerve telling tall tales like that when real men are risking their lives as we speak.” We almost came to blows, but he made peace and bought me a double Makers. We were pracitcally old pals by the end of the night! Anyway just wanted you to know I’m keeping it real down here as always. Conquer that sucker!

Posted by: Joey McKitteridge on

J- “Sooner” would be preferable! :) Tux shirt is handled.  Good to hear from you and the rest of the guys…stay warm, safe, and know I am thinking of you every step of the way! XOXOXO, dee

Posted by: Deann on

Chris: if anyone needs some motivation, a rendition of shatner on the mount should provide all that is needed. That goes for for you too (but save yours for near the top). Keeps on truckin.

Posted by: K 2 on

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