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Mt. McKinley Expedition: Knoff and Team at 17,000’ Waiting

Greetings everyone!  This is Mike Uchal from the June 19th Denali Expedition with Adam Knoff, Zeb Blais, and team.  We are celebrating the 4th of July here at 17,000’ with fresh coffee and great group stories.  We are being proactive at fighting an impossible tent-bound fever with short jaunts outside and hot meals in our group tent, when the weather allows.  We’ll continue to play this now mental game as we continue to wait for our weather window for our summit attempt.  Please stay tuned Lower 48 and happy 4th of July to all of our friends and family from our team here at 17000’.  Good bye.

RMI Guide Mike Uchal

Comments (11)

Enjoy your time on the mountain. I was in court today in Durham and all the Marshalls were asking about you.  Speaking of court—that’s where I’ll be tommorrow, Monday and Tuesday. And I’m not even the litigator in the family.  So, there are worse things than waiting on a weather window!  Bet you wish you had a Kindle though!

Stay focused!

Posted by: Stephanie on

Hi Uncle mike! It’s grace and sam. Boudro says hi! (mom says its Boudreaux but i dont like like that spelling) he’s very crazy! We miss you soooooooo much. Guess what? Mom’s pregnant! Yay, we are so excited! Have fun!

Posted by: Grace and Sam on

After climbing season, ditch the university and move to Denmark.  Beautiful women, wind turbines all over, (they plan that 50% of their energy will be from wind soon), high standard of living despite a 40-50% tax hit, and 40% of the people bike to work.  We saw 37 bicycles in a rack by a bar and only 2 were locked!

Posted by: K Uchal on

Reminds me of the Carly Simon song “Anticipation”.  Excited for you and the team.  Be safe.
Love, Mom

Posted by: Caroline on

Think about long rock climbs in the sun. Long shadows, light breeze, phenomenal granite.

Posted by: ml on

Best of luck on your summit bid. We’re all rooting for you from the hot and smoky lower 48

Posted by: Eric Knoff on

Hi Mike, I think with all the snow and bad weather you are climbing through you will need a trip to Florida in August. Get some rest and be safe as you conquer the summit. Love you Donna

Posted by: Donna Auger on

Hey Mike And Team, The weather will Clear soon
and you’ll get your summit.  Wish I was there.

Posted by: mark skinner on

some time passers:  Get Tim to say phrases you feed to him in Mandarine Chinese.
                      Ask Tim to recount the time he broke out a kids headlights with a bat.
                      Ask Tim to guide you all through some yoga.
                      Ask Tim about his son’s audition and his sons due date.
Tell Tim his wife loves him!
I do love you!  26 years is not long enough, so you beter get your butt back home safe and sound!
Always and Forever,
your Deb

Posted by: Deb on

Good to hear from you MikeU, we were wondering how nasty it is at 17k??? Altitute issues? Xtreme cold? Must be tough waiting for weather to clear. All good here at Spruce lake, hot temps, and not too much “crazy train” like we usually see…at least yet, we still have 24 hours to go. I finally met Shad’s instant family, they seem good so far. Sara, HB, CJ, and Lulu say hi. Hope you finally get that summit this time…stay safe, see ya.

Posted by: JohnU on

Good Job Mike Uchal,
Make sure they all eat plenty
Keep it safe all the way to the top of North America.

Posted by: shamu on

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