Mt. Elbrus: JJ & Team Enjoy an Acclimating Hike

Posted by: JJ Justman | July 07, 2012
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Elevation: 13,000'

Today the team awoke to a gorgeous sunrise in the mountains. Typically the weather can be sunny in the morning and then the clouds engulf the surrounding mountains including Elbrus. However, today the mountain has been out in all its glory.

After an early breakfast we threw the rucksacks over our shoulders, strapped crampons to our boots and we went for a four-hour acclimatization hike. We made it to 15,000 feet and enjoyed the views as they only got prettier the higher we went.

We are back at camp, after a nice lunch (Albina makes the tastiest soups) we are resting in our hut. As a matter of fact, I hear the movie Dumb & Dumber playing on someone’s iPad. Gotta go…

RMI Guide JJ Justman

Sunset on the Garabashi Hut

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