Mexico’s Volcanoes: Team Descends from Orizaba

Posted by: Seth Waterfall | January 19, 2013
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Shhhh everyone is sleeping… We’re all back in Tlachichuca and everyone has retired after our final team dinner.  Today we climbed to the summit of Pico de Orizaba in fantastic weather, the best I’ve ever had on this mountain.  Last night when I went to bed it looked like a storm front was moving towards us but when my alarm went off at 12:30am there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of either.

We made it from the hut at 13,990’ to the 18,701’ summit and back in twelve and a half hours which was a long enough day to ensure that after showers and dinner all the climbers headed for bed.

We all agreed that the last 8 days have gone by extremely quickly and that we’ve had some great climbs.  Tomorrow we’ll head back to Mexico City for our flights home.

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