Kilimanjaro: Grom & Team at the Ngorongoro Crater

Posted by: Casey Grom | February 06, 2013
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We visited Ngorongoro Crater conservation area today. It’s around two million years old and is home to an abundance of wildlife. The big five live there year round and we saw four of them. Rhino, elephant, cape buffalo, and lions but no leopards. We are hoping to see one tomorrow and we’re still looking for a cheetah too. It was a long day that started early and thoroughly wore us out riding around in our land cruiser standing up in the intense sun.

We have just finished a great meal here at the plantation lodge and everyone is doing well.

RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

Hyenas seen at the Ngorongoro Crater Observation Area. Photo: Casey Grom Zebras meandering along at Ngorongoro Crater. Photo: Casey Grom Wildlife poster showing The Big 5. Photo: Casey Grom

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