Aconcagua: Nugent & Team Carry to Camp 1

Posted by: Billy Nugent, Garrett Stevens, Mike King | February 08, 2013
Categories: *Expedition Dispatches *Aconcagua
Elevation: 13,800'

Today’s weather report: not so good. We woke up this morning here at Plaza Argentina in a cloud with it steadily dropping gloppy snow. The prospect of a successful carry up to Camp 1 was looking dismal but we decided to get up and fire the stoves anyway. Over the course of breakfast and our morning coffee the weather began to improve and by 10 am we were looking at some continuing light precip but nothing that would hold us back. The team rallied, geared up, and hit the trail. With a six-hour round trip effort we were able to put in a sizable cache of food, fuel, and cold weather gear up at Camp 1 (16,200’). The team performed well despite unstable scree and our first real taste of carrying big loads at high altitude.


RMI Guide Billy Nugent

RMI Climbers navigating the snow penitentes below Camp 1. Photo: Jake Beren

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