Mt. Everest Expedition: Team Checks in from Camp One

Posted by: Seth Waterfall, Dave Hahn | April 19, 2013
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Elevation: 19,600'

Hey, this is RMI Guide Seth Waterfall checking in from Camp One on Mt. Everest at the bottom of the Western Cwm.  All is well with the team.  Dave is sitting next to me in the tent; he is checking in with Mark Tucker our Base Camp Coordinator. The team is snuggled into their tents next door.  We had a good day today.  We took a little walk up the Cwm toward Camp Two for a couple of hours.  We inspected the route, crossed a few ladders and all in all had a good day.  We came back to camp for a little afternoon relaxation.  The weather has been fantastic, which means alternating between very hot and very cold, but the average temperature is pretty comfortable.

Tomorrow we will try and head up and tag Camp Two. That is right on schedule for our acclimatization and with any luck we will hit Camp Two in the morning and head on back to Camp One for our last night of this acclimatization rotation. That is it for us. Everybody is doing well.  Hello to everybody at home. We will talk to you soon. Bye.

An RMI Team ascending the Khumbu Icefall en route to Camp 1.  Photo: RMI Collection The south face of Everest's west shoulder as seen from Camp 1.  Photo: RMI Collection An RMI Team camped at Camp One (19,600ft) on Mt. Everest.  Photo: RMI Collection

RMI Guide Seth Waterfall checks in from Camp One on Mt. Everest.

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