Alaska Alpine Seminar: Andres Marin & Team Kick Off the Alaska Season!

Posted by: Kel Rossiter | May 01, 2013
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The Alaska season has begun!

We all met yesterday at the airport and drove through Wasilla to pick up some food items to take on our seminar.  After a great night in Talkeetna, we ate breakfast, and began organizing our equipment in preparation of flying on the glacier.

I’m glad we were so prepared.  After a pretty wintry day in Talkeetna, we received news that we are clear for takeoff!  We are loading the plane now.  There is always the possibility that the weather may turn and we’ll be headed back to Talkeetna but for now, all systems are clear.  Stay tuned…

All best,
RMI Guide Andres Marin and the Alaska Alpine Seminar.

Views of the Cassin Ridge on Mt. McKinley as the team flies into Kahiltna Base. Photo: Dave Hahn

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