Cotopaxi Express: Walter & Team Relaxing after a Successful Summit

Posted by: Mike Walter | July 05, 2013
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We had a great climb of Cotopaxi yesterday, and everyone summitted! We took advantage of cool weather and firm snow conditions and were able to climb during the day yesterday, hiking only the approach to the glacier in the dark. The weather was great, with no wind all day. The team climbed very strongly up the steep slopes of Cotopaxi, and had enough gas left in the tank to enjoy the summit and climb safely back down to the climbers’ hut in 10 1/2 hours round trip.

We had great views along the way, being able to see many of Ecuador’s high peaks, including Cayambe, Antisana, the Illinizas, the Pichinchas, Cotocachi, Imbabura, and El Corazon, as well as the beautiful mosaic of Andean farmlands far below us.

We spent last night relaxing at the climbers’ hut and descended to our waiting vehicles this morning. Now we are at the beautiful Hosteria La Cienega, enjoying hot showers, lower altitude, and the comforts of life off of the mountain.

Congrats to our team for a successful summit of Cotopaxi!

RMI Guide Mike Walter

Sunrise on Cotopaxi. Photo: Mike Walter Climbing Cotopaxi on summit day. Photo: Mike Walter Climbing through an icicle garden on Cotopaxi. Photo: Mike Walter

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I just wanted to congratulate everyone for a successful climb! RTR!

Posted by: Kevin B. Danley on 7/6/2013 at 8:36 am

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