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Mt. Rainier: Four & Five Day Climbs Turned Around

The Four Day Summit Climb September 19 - 22 led by RMI Guide Billy Nugent & the Five Day Summit Climb September 18 - 22 led by Zeb Blais were unable to reach the summit of Mt. Rainier this morning.  The teams left Camp Muir en route to the summit but were forced to turn around at the top of Disappointment Cleaver (12,300’) due to a cloud cap that was descending.  The cloud cap brought limited visibility and increased winds.  The teams returned to Camp Muir to rest and dry out.  They began their descent from Camp Muir a little after 8 am en route for Paradise.

We look forward to seeing the groups at Rainier BaseCamp later this morning.

Comments (10)

Glad you guys are safe. (Following Lissa and Joanna but glad for all of you.) You guys are a success for trying and going so far, and being willing and able to go the distance. Sorry the weather made it rough and you had to turn around at “Dissapointment Cleaver.” I’m guessing with that name, you guys weren’t the first to have to deal with having to turn around at that place. What an adventure!:)

Posted by: dawn n. on

Having made it to the top of the Cleaver with the team…  It was awesome. Rainier made it pretty clear it was in no mood to let anyone summit on Sunday.
I can’t say enough about all the RMI guides. They are great. Thanks, guys.

Posted by: Wytold on

Dee- I am sorry that you did not reach the summit. Blasted weather! I am so amazed by your strength and drive…. remember, “you rock”. Be safe. See you soon!!

Terri T.

Posted by: Terri Tracy on

Joanna and Lissa ~ We’ve been on the edge of our seats watching this blizzard and are sorry that you were not able to make the summit this time.  We’re also very relieved that your team made the safe decision to turn around at this point in light of the bad weather.  We’ve been praying a lot for you guys!  You and your team will have some wild stories to tell - and we can hardly wait to see you soon and hear all about the beautiful white adventure.  Much love, Dad and Mom

Posted by: Judy Gerry on

Lissa, Joanna,
Sorry you did not make the summit.
You made a good decision disappointing as it is to be safe.
That is an answer to many peoples prayers.
Have you rescheduled yet? :)
Dad & Mom

Posted by: Tom Crowell on

Hi gang. Sorry you didn’t get to summit but so admire and respect your efforts. I hope you truly enjoyed your experience.

Posted by: Cheryl Adler on

Hi Team!  (And Joanna and Lissa especially)...  I’m sorry you couldn’t summit, but proud of the fact that your team made a good, safe decision.  See you soon!  Have a safe descent.


Posted by: David Paul on

Kiel, thinking about you on your descent down to basecamp. I’m sorry you weren’t able to make it to the summit but am so proud of you and all your teams accomplishments for the attempt and making it up to Muir! Can’t wait to talk to you again! Love, Meg

Posted by: Megan Samples on

Kiel…Sorry to hear you were unable to reach the summit as anticipated. However, You were fortunate to be among a great group of mountaineers who made the attempt and hopefully made some good memories as well…..all on your very own birthday!!!  Be safe on your return!  Can’t wait to hear the details of your experience!  Love, Mom

Posted by: Cheryl Prevatte on

Rebecca, the weather did look extreme. We are so proud of your decision making and maturity. Look forward to seeing you and Josh. Love, Dad and Mom

Posted by: Ed Shoaf on

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