Mexico’s Volcanoes:  Team takes acclimating hike on La Malinche

Posted by: JJ Justman, Solveig Waterfall | October 20, 2013
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Elevation: 10,000'

Hi! This is Solveig Waterfall checking in from our Cabana at the La Malitzi Resort at the base of La Malinche.  We had a great acclimatization hike this afternoon and made it all the way to 13,000ft!  Everyone did great and the weather held off nearly long enough.  At the first sounds of thunder we began a hasty descent back to relative safety below tree line and then motored all the way back down to our cabins under heavy rainfall.  Everyone is in great spirits after a delicious dinner and we are all cozied up drying out clothing and boots next to the fireplace enjoying the sounds of the continued rain and thunder.  Quite the first day here in the mountains of Mexico! 
Tomorrow we will travel to the Altzomoni hut near the base of Ixta and begin preparations for our first big climb.  Crossing our fingers for an improvement in the weather!! 

RMI Guides JJ Justman and Solveig Waterfall

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