Aconcagua: Mallory & Team Wrap Up Their Expedition

Posted by: Linden Mallory | December 25, 2013
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Feliz Navidad from Mendoza! Yesterday was a whirlwind day for our team. We woke up at high camp after a much needed night’s sleep. Still tired from our push the day before, it was an effort to haul ourselves out of the sleeping bags and begin packing up - despite the call of the little luxuries found at lower altitudes. A round of coffee helped motivate us (Via tastes amazing at 19,000’+!!) and we soon had our pack loaded up and began walking downhill.

Descending all the way to Base Camp put into perspective the distances and elevations we covered over the past week. It was a long walk down the sides of Aconcagua and we were more than relieved to finally hit flat ground when we stepped into Base Camp. We dropped our packs and sought out shade underneath the tents, along with some deliciously cold instant orange juice!

We were fortunate to spend only a few hours at Base Camp before catching a ride in helicopter out to the trailhead. Within a few minutes we were bound for Mendoza as the sun was setting over the Andes. We reached Mendoza well after dark but town was buzzing with Christmas Eve festivities. The courtyard of a church just down from our street was filled with practitioners sharing a meal beneath strings of lights and decorations, families strolling through the main square, and palm trees wrapped in Christmas lights. After well-earned showers, we collapsed into our beds and promptly fell asleep, relishing the feel of sheets and pillows!

This morning we took full advantage of the breakfast buffet before Tom and Thomas left for the airport. It was a wonderful Christmas morning and we enjoyed all of the little things like cotton t-shirts, fresh fruit, and warm sunshine. It’s always a strange experience to step off of a mountain as big as Aconcagua back into the hustle of life in town, but a pleasant one. The expedition over the past few weeks was a true adventure and we’re looking forward to heading home to share more stories.

RMI Guide Linden Mallory

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You are a Champ. Glad all are safe. Feliz Navidad

Posted by: b lee Mallory on 12/26/2013 at 8:47 am

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