Aconcagua: Stevens and Team back at Plaza Argentina

Posted by: Garrett Stevens | January 13, 2014
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Elevation: 13,800'

We awoke in Campo Colera to clear blue skies and light winds this morning, ready for the big pack down back to Plaza Argentina. Within a few short hours we were packed up, ready to roll and heading downhill. There’s nothing like using gravity to ones advantage, and the crew did just that throughout the day.

Unfortunately we did have to recover all the gear we cached along the way, so our packs got heavier and heavier as we descended. By the time we got to Plaza Argentina, though, the weight didn’t matter, and we bellied right up to waiting juice, crackers, olives, and cake bites as soon as the packs hit the ground.

Despite being tired from the past couple of days of work, the crew is doing well and still has the energy for yet another spirited round of hearts. Everyone sends their love and thanks for following along! Until tomorrow.,,

RMI Guide Garrett Stevens

Aconcagu Basecamp in Evening Light. RMI Photo Collection

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