Aconcagua: Justman & Team Camped at Pampa de Las Lenas

Posted by: JJ Justman, Mike King, Steve Gately | January 14, 2014
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Elevation: 9,000'

Hello folks! It’s JJ and the Aconcagua Team reporting live from Pampa de Las Lenas at 9,000 feet. It’s phenomenal to finally hit the trail with the team. And what a team it is! We have brothers and sisters, old climbing buddies and now new friends.

We had a hot and blistery day trekking in the heat. Sunscreen and lip balm was in full effect. However now it is cloudy and we received a few drops of rain, which we welcomed with open arms. The guides are busy chopping fresh vegetables that we are going to grill along with a big slab of beef.

It’s one of my favorite things…hanging out with the cowboys and the team. The cowboys like it when you ask questions and it’s interesting to learn about their lifestyle. They work hard for it and it’s nice to enjoy a great evening of food and their favorite drink…orange Tang.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

An RMI camp at Pampa de Las Lenas. Photo: Peter Whittaker

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Awesome photo!  Great job, dad (Lew Smith)!  Best of luck to you and the team!  Climb smart, and climb on!

Love you!


Posted by: Kyle A. Smith on 1/17/2014 at 8:43 am

Hey Denise, This is so cool! I love seeing your progress. Yahoo! Be Safe! Have the best time. Make snow angel for me when you get to the fluffy white stuff!
Sputter Dog says Hey!

Posted by: Mary Fox on 1/15/2014 at 9:22 am

Did you guys eat steak at your first camp?  I’m here in London this week and would kill for that amazing steak. :-)

Posted by: Cindee Teer on 1/15/2014 at 6:24 am

Steve and team,

Glad to hear the team is now complete. Hope you get just enough rain and the weather gods continue to smile.

Hike well.

Posted by: Bill Gately on 1/15/2014 at 4:48 am

Rock on Mom!

Posted by: Nikki on 1/14/2014 at 8:20 pm

Best to my niece Meredith.  I love you.  Tracye

Posted by: Tracye Wear on 1/14/2014 at 7:05 pm

In the reverence to David Crosby, never forget “when you see the Southern Cross for the fist time”. Mine was in 1991 when Al died. Be strong, have fun.

Posted by: Pops Chamberlain on 1/14/2014 at 5:54 pm

Proud of all of you. Wish I could be there. God Bless.
Love Pops

Posted by: Pops Chamberlain on 1/14/2014 at 5:31 pm

Good to see you are on your way. Wishing all of you great weather and accent.

Posted by: Ron on 1/14/2014 at 5:15 pm

JJ - Brings back fond memories. Have a great one, and see you in July!

Posted by: Peter Rogers on 1/14/2014 at 3:33 pm

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