Ecuador Seminar: Knoff & Team Establish Camp for Antisana

Posted by: Adam Knoff, Nick Hunt | January 15, 2014
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Elevation: 14,900'

Leaving Papallacta behind today wasn’t easy. We only spent a single night there, relaxing our muscles in the natural hot springs, but I’m sure many of us were ready to call it home. Wifi, beds, good food, cozy cabins… But alas, we must move on and continue what we came out here to do. The glistening white slopes of Antisana are calling out to us!

Our day did began with some sad news, however. Two of our climbers made the difficult decision to head home early due to a debilitating illness. We will miss them on the rest of our journey and we hope for a speedy recovery once they get back.

On paper, today’s objective was to establish base camp at Antisana. In practice, however, it felt like our objective was to eat as much food as possible! After packing our gear, we ate a hearty breakfast at our hacienda, complete with fresh fruit, cheese, eggs, and bread. We loaded our gear and headed down the road toward Antisana. En route we stopped at a beautiful eco-lodge nestled at the base of a rocky cliff, famous for its native condor population. There, before our breakfast really had a chance to digest, we sat down for a delicious four course lunch. In truth, most of us probably could’ve stopped eating after the appetizers, but our insistent hostess made sure we finished the full meal. From there, another thirty minutes of driving brought us to the field that we’ll call home for the next few days.

We spent the evening setting up camp, practicing various knots, hitches and bends, and (you guessed it!) more eating! Now the night is coming to a close, and everyone is inside their tents, resting up for another full day of training tomorrow.

RMI Guide Adam Knoff

The team's Antisana Basecamp with views of the mountain in the background. Photo: Adam Knoff

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