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Aconcagua: Justman & Team’s Plan for Basecamp Rest Day

We will spend the day taking showers in our Cabelas shower tent, ordering pizzas and perfecting the art of chillaxing. Finally, the sun is out in full effect so we are also charging phones and iPads. Tonight will be a marathon session of The Wire.

Today’s rest really isn’t needed. Our team is doing great! However, at this altitude we can recover back to 110% before we move to Camp 1 at 16,600’ tomorrow. Stay tuned and please keep posting comments! The team appreciates it.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

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Comments (18)

Well done, dad (Lew Smith)!  Get some good rest and prepare for the next stage.  We love you!


Posted by: Kyle A. Smith on

Bissell, I am enjoying the blog and wish you the BEST!!!!! Keep healthy and safe travels, buen camino.

Posted by: Leslie on

Life sounds pretty good up there… keep it up!  We’re back and now have regular access to the internet again so will follow you with our hearts and pray for continued good weather every day.  Stay strong - love, Ginny and Steven

Posted by: Ginny Jackson on

Dad! So glad to hear that you got a great nights sleep and that your feeling good. We miss you, but are all so proud of you. This weekend is the big Devils/Rangers stadium series game, so I’ll be routing for you and the devils to be successful.  Send them some good vibes from the mountain, they need it!  Miss and love you lots. I am so honored to call you my father and so very very proud of you and everything you’re accomplishing!

Posted by: Jen Christofferson on

Nothing like getting a Happy Birthday satellite phone call from your son (Steve) at 13,800 feet to make your day!


Posted by: Bill Gately on

Lucky stared down Tibs and didn’t run… she seems to be growing a spine…. though slowly. Tibs and I were talking earlier and we both agreed that life is better when you’re around. He seemed to be fairly excited to get on the rocks himself.
You guys have fun, the view looks awesome.
The J-Man

Posted by: josh barnes on

I go to church with your parents.  All I can say is have a safe climb and God Bless.


Posted by: Mike King on

Randy (C), Glad you finally had a good night sleep.  Too bad you missed the party! Good luck team climbing back up to Camp One!  Stay strong and positive!
I’m not sure what’s harder, climbing Aconcagua, or trying to pass the “prove you are human” test on this comment form and type in those indecipherable numbers and letters!  If you get them wrong, you lose your comment and have to start again.  Being human, I’ve learned to copy and paste!  : )
Love you randy,  Judy

Posted by: Judy Christofferson on

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, that the trip is on course, etc….  Pizza????  Keep climbing and stay safe…

Posted by: Gary, Carly, Alec and Nikki on

So glad everything is going good. Glad you all made it together. Keep safe. Can’t wait to see pics and hear stories.

Posted by: Pam on


Yahooooo. This is so cool. You’re doing great! Keep up the great work. I bet it’s beautiful up there. Carpe Diem! Went to the 40th anniversary hunt ball last night. Wore a Dress!!! Oh my gosh! Be safe up there. Give a hug to brother and sister! So hugely proud of you.
Mary Fox

Posted by: mary fox on


Waiting for you to return so we can play some euchre and I can continue teaching you cribbage.  Oh yeah, Butch, Mark and I might want to hear about your adventure as well.  Take care and we’ll see you soon!


Posted by: Jim Pershing on

Hi Lew—I’m so happy that the trip has gone so well with weather and health!  I can’t wait to read the blog every day and see what is happening.  All is quiet here and Butterscotch has been found!!  Lots of prayers and well wishes from everyone!  Climb on!

Posted by: Kim on

Bissell, we are really missing you now. Please keep us in your thoughts as you navigate closer towards heaven.  Love you.

Posted by: Carmen on

Dear Randy, Diane and Denise,

Glad to hear that the trip is going well. We are following it every day. We hope the weather stays good. It is 80 degrees here (just kidding.) Have fun and be safe.

(P.S. Amy still wants a turtle.)

Posted by: Paul and Joan and Amy on

So excited to get a call from aconcaqua at 14 thousand feet.  And yes they do get pizza even on top of a mountain.  Love Mom

Posted by: Darlene Christofferson on

To Randy O.
  Ding and just keep swimming!

Posted by: Mark on


Bet you can’t get an Imo’s pizza there!

Posted by: Jim Davis on

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