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Kilimanjaro: Martin & Team Send Valentine’s Day Wishes from Karanga Camp

Happy Valentine’s Day from Karanga Camp. The Barranco Wall is now well behind us and the group powered right up it without any issues. We decided to switch gears a little with our departure time today. We opted to let the other climbing groups leave before us so we could take our time climbing up the Barranco Wall. It was the right call for today. As a result of the later start, we got to sleep in this morning, not rush through breakfast, and all enjoyed a little extra time in camp. Starting out, the trail is pretty steep, and there are a few rock sections that require some basic scrambling, but once through this section, it is very straightforward walking. We took a quick break about an hour up, then we took another 30 minutes before we were standing on top, looking down at our old camp 900’ below. The clouds were blocking most of the views, but no one complained as we were very lucky to have only clouds and not rain. This would be our high point of the day, and then we continued traversing east towards Karanga Camp. Along the way, we met a group of climbers called Kilimanjaro Warriors. It is a group of ten climbers, six of which are disabled veterans. Seeing these climbers today was both humbling and truly inspiring. For anyone to make this climb is a big accomplishment, but to do it without one leg, or even both legs, is remarkable. We wish them the best of luck with their climb.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are a few wishes from Kilimanjaro:
Happy Valentine’s Day to my family, Tom and his family! Thank you for all the support. Sarah Sending love from Kili! Happy V-day J.W., family and friends. It’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined - of course I’ve cried every day. Ha!Ha! Tracey Thanks everyone for all the comments. They really help. We are feeling strong and looking forward to summiting in 2 days. We’ll send our love from the top. xoxo. Have to go stretch now (Adam). Chris, Holly, & Eric.
Happy Valentine’s Day Mom & Dad! Thanks for the good genes! Sue Still breathing! Happy Valentine’s Day Meg! Don

Thanks again for all the comments. We will send an update from high camp tomorrow.

RMI Guide Jeff Martin

On The Map

Comments (8)

We’re following your climb every evening, with fascination, excitement and joy. It looks like an outstanding route! You seem to be moving very smoothly and steadily! Our very best wishes and support to you all!

Posted by: Uncle-ing and Auntling on

Great job Holly, Sarah, Chris, & Eric!  Sending u lots of energy for the summit push and the downhill!

Posted by: Michelle on

Pretty amazing.  The views must be spectacular.  This is going to be an impressive accomplishment, Don.
Sending our best wishes - the Hahn’s

Posted by: Debbie Hahn on

Looks like you guys are having a great time!  Happy Valentine’s Day Chris, Holly and Eric and everyone else!  Love, Mary and Dallas

Posted by: Mary Chisum on

Wooohooo! Mom, Chris and Tracy you guys look like your having fun! Eric, you look cold bro, whats the deal? So proud of you all. Kick ass the next two days. I’m sending as much mountain madness energy as I can to all of you. Miss and love you.

Posted by: Derek Kraft on

Fantastic. A Valentine’s Day to remember.

Posted by: Jackie Boehm on

Enjoyed the Blog and pictures. Go Team and Sue!!!

Posted by: Patty on

You guys look great! Miss you so much! Keep up the good work! Love you Holly, Chris, and Eric!

Posted by: Heather Kraft (Holly and Chris) on

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