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Mt. Everest Expedition: Team Readies to Depart Everest Base Camp

Our expedition is rapidly winding down. Everest Base Camp is becoming empty of foreign climbers (that'd be people like us). Three of our team...HP, Hao, and Hans were able to catch a heli down toward Lukla this morning. The rest of us have spent the day packing, sheltering from snow showers and reflecting on the surreal situation and surroundings. We've each taken walks out to icy cyber, where the cell service almost works, and been stunned by the amount of heavy camp gear... Tents, barrels, tables, boots, helmets etc that are strewn hundreds of meters from base camp. These sad items testify to the force of the blast that hit Base, fully obliterating the camps in about the middle third of the mile-long cluster of tents along the medial moraine. Mark Tucker estimated that the blast was perhaps a hundred and fifty miles per hour (up from zero in a second or two). We are all still a bit jumpy, although there hasn't been a recognizable aftershock in a day or two. It sure seems like the biggest hanging glaciers have had ample chance to relieve themselves already, but we start out the tent to see every crack and boom these days. We'll walk out of this place and down toward an easier and safer world tomorrow. But plenty of uncertainty still lies ahead in this altered world. Mostly we just expect it all to take patience, and we have that. Best Regards, RMI Guide Dave Hahn

Comments (6)

You make a insignificant climber like me inspired to handle any incident on a mountain with a new perspective. You make me proud to be affiliated with RMI - so professional and humanistic- making the good decisions when it counts I am proud to have climbed with a group of professionals like you.

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on

Thanks for taking time to give us an update. The base camp trek has been on my bucket list for some time. Now I’m more determined than ever to go once things settle down and the people of Nepal begin to rebuild their lives. They’ll need us more than ever to return and be a part of their economic growth.

Posted by: DK on

So glad to hear that your team is safe. Best wishes for a safe return home, and healing as we all mourn those that were lost and those that have lost so much.

Posted by: Karinn on

We are proud of all of you!  Get home safely.

Posted by: Haugen on

Out standing job to the entire rmi team for getting everyone down safe and helping assist so many others I wish them all a safe and smooth trip home. I was very fortunate to have climbed with J J in Mexico and look foward to another trip With J J, he is a great guide.

Posted by: dave odell on

Great news you are all safe. Good luck with the remaining part of your journey and return. God speed.

Posted by: Suzanne cabot on

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