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RMI Guide Alex Barber Leaving Annapurna to Help Those in Need after Nepal Earthquake

Since the earthquake I have been mostly holed up at Annapurna Base Camp. After the quake I couldn't let go of my desire to finish what I've started with Annapurna. I'd put in so much focus and taken on so much risk to be in a position to make a nO's ascent, especially as a team of one. But the reports of the destruction and hardship kept flooding in. Then one morning I could feel myself having let go of Annapurna and my interest shifted to seeing if I could get out of here to assist the people of Nepal. So that's it, my Annapurna expedition is finished. Yesterday I went back up on the mountain to pull my cached equipment at Camp 1. I have another cache at Camp 3, but it's unsafe to go that high on the mountain now, so I'll be abandoning that cache. I've teamed up with a few other Americans here in Nepal to work with a NGO affiliated with the UN. The plan is to meet up in Pokhara, then head out from there with equipment and jeeps supplied by the NGO. My first hurdle is it get out of base camp and down to Pokhara; which is easier said than done. Naturally, the government here has commandeered all the helicopters for rescue efforts. But we flew into base camp in helicopters for a reason, the trek out is sketchy. The US embassy has offered to airlift Americans out of remote areas, but I'm fit and able so I intend to walk out on my own. Tomorrow morning I and some others from the Annapurna Base Camp will be attempting this trek. We're headed for Pokhara. Once we arrive there, I'll meet up with the other American climbers. Our current directive from the NGO is to access some of the remote villages in this region and to report back on their situation, conditions, and immediate needs. Hopefully this will help expedite resources to the people in need. RMI Guide Alex Barber

Comments (9)

Alex, it’s nice to know you’re safe.  Better to climb for another day.  Just like you to walk out on your own.  Be safe and let me know if and when you’re back on Rainier - would love to climb with you (even if it’s only 15K ft).    Godspeed, my friend.

Peace, Lee

Posted by: Lee Hoedl on

Be safe and our prayer will be with you.

Posted by: Kevin Stone on

Difficult decision Alex. The mountai will remain the problems you can help are immediate.

Posted by: Bruce P. on

I have not conquered firsts, but do understand mountaineering. I have experienced devastation and I think you have made the right decision.  I am proud of you and of your decisions.

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on

Tough decision, I know, but the right one. Able-bodied you are, but you might consider the Embassy’s offer, as time is [no doubt] of the essence in the remote, hard-to-reach villages. Just something to consider…

Safe travels…

Posted by: Everett Moran on

You have experienced a truly epical event - many lives permanently changed, many lost. Godspeed and may you touch many lives through your honorable decision.
Peace, Peter

Posted by: Peter Gregory on

Good decision brother! We are proud of you!

Posted by: Haugen on

It is a sad & difficult decision that you had to make, but no surprise to all.  Your return journey will be so much more than what you would find on the mtn.  The mtn will be there to climb another time.

I hope you will continue to post updates and photos of your return.

Posted by: mary on

Congratulations!This action is greater than any summit !

Posted by: petros on

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