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Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Move to 14,200’

Saturday, May 14th - 2:57pm PST Hey Guys, This is RMI Guide Billy Haas checking in for the May 3rd, Mike Walter, Denali, West Buttress expedition. We are currently comfortably camped at 14,200 ft after making the move up today from our previous camp at 11,000 ft. We experienced hot, but ideal conditions on the mountain today for our move. Calm winds and blue skies made for a pleasant climb around Windy Corner, allowing us ample time to establish our new camp here in Genet Basin. Tomorrow we hope to reclaim our cache of food and supplies at 13,500 ft, and look forward to positioning ourselves for our eventual move to High Camp. The team is in great spirits and excited to be in a new camp, and we are all looking forward to the light back carry day tomorrow. Cheers, Billy

Comments (11)

Die fotos is indrukwekkend. Bly koel. En druk die gidse vas teen ‘n sneeuman as hulle woer-woer speel.

Kyk nie na die spits nie. “one step at a time”. Maar, wie sal dan beter weet as jy my ou Duifie. Mooi dinge.

Posted by: Ken on

Hey Rogz - keep climbing - been thinking about you a lot since our last chat.
It was a long day but home safe and sound. Don’t give up - keep going and Go Large - never give us - love you and miss you xxx

Posted by: Melanie on

Hullo mamma.hoe gaan.  Ek en granma speel skaak.  Ek dink ek wen…ma.ar granma ‘cheat’ baie.            Dit is baie koud hier…maar nie so koud as daar by julle. Ek oefen guitaar en ek word goed. Moet ek vir jou kom speel op die berg? Ek is baie lief vir jou…..“are you there yet”....love Dean and Granma.  (I think i am going to lose this game)....❤❤❤

Posted by: Dean on

Hi Rob,  Congratulations!! So excited you made the climb to 14000. Praying for good weather and health to you and the team.  Summit here you come!!

Robert, Toni and Katie

Posted by: Robert and Toni Caldwell on

So glad to hear of your upward progress. DWH, all is well on the home front…JT driving back from MN tonight, GC just finished a weekend workshop at the weaving school, and SD is finding lots of treasures as the school year winds down and students move out. JT and GC head to NY this week for their Pema weekend. I had a SWSM meeting here today…we are doing well, but you better not retire just yet. Still no need for screens, thankfully, since there has been no sign of Will (busy with finals, AP exams, and prom!). Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Love, NGH

Posted by: Nancy Hines on

Whew! Nice work. Get’r done.

Posted by: K2 on

Congratulations for being at 14,200 feet!  What great weather and team work! 
Enjoy and climb safe brother Dave.  Love you, Jules

Posted by: Julie Beckner on

Nice job!!  Excited for the team!  It was great to hear your voice yesterday Dave- especially on Jenny’s Law Grad Day…you were missed at the celebration but we’re all so proud of what you are doing!  Stay strong & know you have tremendous support of family & friends back home!  Love you!  Lynn & family

Posted by: Lynn Grotjahn on

Hi Rogan, Well this is great news, what a beautiful blue sky! Long may this wonderful weather last. Great photo.
Rogan, I’m sure you and the team are really excited now that you have finally moved up.  You are living your dream!
You have no idea how important it is forme to share each day, thanks to the wonderfull blog!
Have another great day tomorrow! Love you, mom X

Posted by: Daphne Carew on

Duifie Adelle du Plessis van Zyl:  Klim Dirkie klim…. Klim Dirkie klim…. klim Dirkie ....

Posted by: Ken on

Well done!  Cute little camp. Looks like sand castles in Mozambique in the snow.  Enjoy your days and nights - or is it the same. Going back to your house tomorrow.  Love you.ME.

Posted by: Maureen on

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