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Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Cache Supplies above Fixed Lines

May 17, 2016 - 12:29 a.m. PDT I woke up at the chilly hour of 5:00 a.m. to start the stoves. It was a perfectly clear morning with barely a breath of wind. After a hearty breakfast we packed our backpacks with supplies to cache up above the fixed ropes. We started climbing in the shade, as the sun still had not poked out around the West Rib. The cold temps were perfect for climbing and we warmed up quickly. After an hour and a thousand feet of vertical gain, the sun welcomed us at our first break. We continued climbing and employed our mechanical ascenders to aid us up the fixed ropes. A couple hours later we were on top of the West Buttress proper. The team climbed hard today and we accomplished our goals, with one team putting a cache in below Washburn's Thumb (16,700'), and the other team pushing on to high camp (17,200') to establish a cache. We're all back at camp and in our sleeping bags now after a long day of climbing. A much deserved rest day awaits us tomorrow. RMI Guide Mike Walter & Team

Comments (7)

This is for all of you…......

” In a sense everything that is exists to climb.  All evolution is a climbing towards a higher form.
  Climbing for life as it reaches towards the consciousness, towards the spirit.  We have always
  honored the high places because we sense them to be homes of gods.  In the mountains there
  is the promise of… something unexplainable.  A higher place of awareness, a spirit that soars.
  So we climb… and in climbing there is more than a metaphor;  there is a means of discovery.”


(Love you Blake!)

Posted by: Maria Votilla on

Hello Rob.. Unbelievable accomplishment! So excited and proud for you and the team! You all have accomplished so much and looking forward to pictures from the summit!! Enjoy the much deserved rest.  Continue to be strong! We are all cheering you and the team on to the summit! Take care! Be safe, Love, Mom, Dad and Katie

Posted by: Robert & Toni Caldwell on

Lots of well wishes from SA!  Behind the team every step. 
Adelle, Rogan - this is your summit. Take it all in.

Posted by: Debbie on

Well done to both teams, so glad the weather was on your side.
Rogan. I spoke to Mel, she had a good nights sleep, she is not in pain but she did tell me about your phone call.  I am really relieved!
I’m so proud of you for what you have achieved! It’s a unique experience I hope you have many photos. I’m eager to see them.
Terry and I are off to Botswana on Thursday and return home on the 29th. But I’ll be in touch when at Safari Lodge in Kasane, they have wifi.
I hope you have great weather for the next week, I am 100% behind you. Love you so much, good luck,  we are all with you in our thoughts. Lots of hugs and love, mom xx

Posted by: Daphne Carew on

What a great team!  You all are doing it, one step - one camp at a time!  Congratulations on your next step to the summit.  Hike strong and be safe brother Dave.  Love, Julie

Posted by: Julie Beckner on

Adelle…..i am so excited for you!  I feel as though i am climbing with you thanks to the wonderful blogger. Wish it was me.  (Not really….sounds bloody cold).  Moving on…glad you are going up now.  We think of you all ALL day. Kids are fine. Love you…ME

Posted by: Maureen on

Great going everyone! So proud of the whole team!
Stay safe all. Love you, Thom, can’t wait to see you and
hear all about your awesome adventure! Love, mom

Posted by: Judy Heinchon on

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