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Denali Expedition: Walter & Team Nestled in at 14K Camp

Friday, May 31, 2019 2:49 PM PT Nothing is easy about climbing Denali. Just ask any member of our team who worked hard for more than two weeks before standing on top of the highest point in North America 17 days after landing at Base Camp on the Kahiltna Glacier. But that doesn't even tell the whole story. Our team eagerly awaited the start of this expedition and spent three antsy days in Talkeetna waiting for good enough weather to fly into Basecamp as a storm sat over the Alaska Range. Now, after summitting, we have descended to the 14k camp and are comfortably nestled in to our old camp. We are socked in the clouds and it is snowing. This morning we spoke via radio with Robby Young, who is leading the 4th RMI Denali expedition. He reported heavy and wet snow on the Kahiltna Glacier between 7800' and 9600'. The weather forecast is calling for heavy snow to continue through tomorrow, hopefully tapering on Sunday. No planes are flying and we are at the mercy of the weather once again. This time we are eagerly awaiting hot showers, cold beer, clean clothes, and a chance to talk with loved ones. Oh, and also flush toilets. Not necessarily in that order. Mountain weather is fickle and right now we are at her mercy. We'll take the good weather on summit day in exchange for playing the waiting game on both the front and tail ends of our expedition. And for now we're practicing our Zen patience in the comfort of our 14k camp. RMI Guide Mike Walter

Comments (5)

I’ve been following Tom M’s InReach and it looks to me like you’ve reached Kahiltna Glacier - Yahoo!!  Welcome back. Congrats on completing the descent, hopefully the planes will be flying you off the glacier shortly.  In the interim you’ll probably be digging up a cache of beer, perhaps a nice bottle of bourbon???

When you get back to Talkeetna enjoy: a cold beer or 2, a burger or 3, a looong hot shower, clean clothes, another cold beer, more burgers, perhaps a pizza, calls to loved ones -that’s my recommended order! 
It’s after midnight here (and there) but since you’re all awake I’m going to join you in a long awaited celebratory drink.  A toast to you all: TEAM WALTER 2019, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR SUCCESSFUL EXPEDITION, YOU ROCK!!

Posted by: Jacquie Byatt on

Wow, I can’t even imagine what it’s like to reach the top of the world. Stay safe and warm. I’m in 91 degree weather, maybe send just a little of the cold this way.

Posted by: Peggy Robertson on

Stay safe and enjoy time for reflection. Please tell Pieter his son wants him to know his school team won the provincial rugby championship today :)

Posted by: Suretha on

Or ask Tom M about how he rode his bike to Sacramento State University (60 miles) with a huge group to spend the night in the dorms and to return the next day!  But where did he hide his shoes before we went to dinner!

Posted by: Susan Mulvey on

You’ve got this! Long days post summit are worth it but to pass some time, learn more about one another… ask Tom M. to share a few of his stories ... like how he was the coolest biology teacher taking on orphaned animals (and how they died) or his best Halloween parties in particular his Dr Carrot costume

Posted by: Patty Ripley on

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