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Denali Expedition: King & Team Reach Summit with All Team Members

Update: Friday, June 11, 2021 - 9:47 pm PT

We woke to a clear and "warm" by 17K Camp standards morning and decided to get out in front of the inevitable hoard of climbers that would be attempting the summit today. With cold hands and toes warming up by the time we got to Denali Pass we kept breaking trail in spots and resting on what was the warmest and windless summit day I’ve been a part of. Some of the group had just a base layer and light weight gloves on at 19,500'. Everyone in the group, 9 climbers and 3 guides stood on top of the tallest peak in North America. We got some good views of the surrounding glacier and mountains. We even had 2 returning climbers who got turned around 2 years ago due to bad weather. Your loved ones will have all sorts of stories to share, know that they are safe in camp and taking care of themselves after an arduous 14-hour day. We will plan to descend to 14K Camp tomorrow and perhaps lower if the weather cooperates. While the objective we all set out 2 weeks ago has been accomplished, we still have a lot of terrain to navigate so we can get to the airstrip for flights on Sunday or Monday (weather permitting). Thanks for following along!

RMI Guide Mike King

Friday, June 11, 2021 - 4:00 pm PT

We received word this afternoon from RMI Guide Mike King that his team was on the summit of Denali with 100% of their team members.  We wish them a safe descent and a hearty congratulations for all their hardwork!

Way to go team!

Comments (36)

Congratulations to all!  Way to go, Huw!

Posted by: Traci Gentry on

Mike King, Alex Halliday, Abby Westling
Thanks for getting your team and our son safely back to sea level, we enjoyed the daily Blog and was excited to hear that all the team members reach the summit safely, Thanks again.
Mom and Dad Fortier

Posted by: Robert Fortier on

Congratulations Huw and the rest of the team!!  What an amazing accomplishment - pictures look awesome and we look forward to hearing about soon. 

Safe travels on the downward journey and see you back in CT!!

Posted by: Mike & Roni Widmer on

Wow! Well done team. I’m sure my late brother Bruce will be looking on with great approval!! Well done Rob.

Posted by: Andrew Campbell-Watt on

Way To Go Rob!  Can’t wait to see some pics. Safe journey back to the airfield.

Posted by: Adam & Christy on

Huw and Rob

Congratulations guys, that’s simply fantastic.  What an achievement!!

Looking forward to the stories and beers.

Continue with the safe traveling


Posted by: Calum on

Congratulations team! Wonderful accomplishment. 100% team work is the dream work!
Prayers for safe decent, safe travels home.

Posted by: Papa & Grandma Westling on

Huw & Rob
Congratulations guys, what an achievement, look forward to hearing about this amazing adventure.
Again well done to you both and all the team, have a safe journey back down.

Posted by: Ian on

Congratulations team, wonderful accomplishment!  100% team work makes the dream work!! Prayers for a safe decent, safe travels home.

Posted by: Papa & Grandma Westling on

Strong work!! Way to go boss!!
- the CRS team

Posted by: sam w on

Congratulations to Rob and everyone!!
What a great adventure, know that everyone is grateful for your safety and proud of your achievements now and future.

Posted by: Gary Stillwell on

Yet another reason for Eli & Emmitt to look “up”… way way up… to Grandpa! Upon sharing the news, Eli says: “Sweet!” Emmitt says: “I love you!”

Congrats, Dad and team!
-Alli, Zach, Eli, and Emmitt

Posted by: Allison Jacobsmeier on

Congratulations, Grandpa!!! Mommy and I are so proud of you for making it to the top! Can’t wait to hear all about it and give you a huge hug in a couple of weeks! Love you!

Posted by: Lillie Averkamp on

So so so proud!! Congratulations Daddy, Rob and team! What a great achievement! Safe decent down & stay warm!!

Love you paps xx

Posted by: Charlotte Rothwell on

Congratulations Rob and team!!  What an awesome achievement!  Good vibes and safe journey for the rest of the expedition.  Cheers!

Posted by: West on

That is some great news! wishing everyone a safe decent back to basecamp. Great work Tom, so proud of you & everyone! Darcy

Posted by: Darcy Murnaghan on

Yes team, YES! Congratulations on this leg of the journey. We will all be thinking of you as you descend, and wishing the best of all conditions on your way down. Way to go, now let’s complete the mission!

Posted by: Rae on

Way to go Tom Salata. Another successful climb and another one off the list.

Posted by: Dennis Johnson on

Woot Woot!!! Well done everyone! And thank you to the guides for getting everyone up and down safely! None of it would be possible without you.

To Mike F. Congrats on hight point number 32! Well on your way to getting all 50

Love ya

Posted by: Jen F on

Congratulations to Rob and team!!! Such fabulous news!! I know there will be a celebration on the mountain tonight!

Love, Kogie

Posted by: Katherine Sabom on

Way to go Rob and all your team! Stories to tell for many days to come. We are proud of you. Come home safe.
AuntK and Clay

Posted by: Aunt K and Clay on

Way to go RTS and the entire team!! What a wonderful accomplishment. All of us back here are rooting you on!!! Go Rob!

Stay safe on the decent and we will see you back at Home Camp, 650 Ft. elevation.

MZ, MBZ, Gabi, Fia and Bro Bro

Posted by: Manuel & Melissa Zuniga on

Congratulations Michael to you and the team!  What an accomplishment and you worked so hard to get there….we’re all very proud of you!!!    Gram & Grampa Hastings

Posted by: Bettyann Hastings on

Congrats Rob and the whole team! What an achievement!
Stay safe,
John, Denise, Jack & Evie

Posted by: Denise and John Dorris on

Marsha is so happy for you,  Tom.


Posted by: Marsha on

We are so happy with the news!  Can’t imagine what a wonderful feeling it is for the team. Just shows what preparation, leadership and teamwork can do. Have a safe trip down.
Tita and Artie

Posted by: Martha Sabom on

Wow! That’s so fantastic! A huge congratulations to the team. Rob and Huw, you did it, soooo happy for you!
Love you Rob C-W, stay safe and see you soon!! xox

Posted by: Jen Campbell-Watt on

Congratulations Tom!  I am so proud of you!  Can’t wait to see you and hear all about this climb!!!! 
Love you to the moon and back

Posted by: Lori Salata on

Congratulations Michael ! We could not be more proud of you for all the planning and hard work you put into reaching the Denali summit. Be safe and enjoy the journey down, see you next week, better have some good stories to tell.
Love Mom and Dad Fortier

Posted by: Robert Fortier on

Congratulations team! I wish you a safe descent and safe travels home. Thank you to the RMI staff. Can’t wait to hear the stories.

Posted by: Cathy H on

Hey Tom!!!! I am SO Proud of You!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!! Enjoy every Awesome step downhill now. I can’t wait to talk to you!
Farmer Dave

Posted by: Dave Kestel on

Congratulations!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Safe travels back down the mountain. Way to go!!!! Love, B

Posted by: Beth Ludwig on

I’m so proud of you dad!!!! Congratulations to you, Rob and the whole team. What a huge achievement!!
Prayers for a safe descent

Posted by: Annabel Rothwell on

Amazing! Congratulations to Huw ,Rob and everyone. What an achievement, fantastic!
Love you Huw Rothwell xxx

Posted by: Louise Rothwell on

Congratulations Rob, Huw and all Team members! An absolutely fantastic achievement on everyone’s part. The photos look terrific but we know your view would be unsurpassed.
The bucket list is now minus one! Keep safe and have an uneventful and successful descent!

Posted by: Bill & Val Green on

Could not be more excited for you, Dad! Congratulations to the team and a safe journey back down!

Posted by: Jillian Ludwig on

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