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Denali Expedition: Smith and Team Walk to the Edge of the World, Prep for Move to 17k

Wednesday June 22nd - 5:34pm PT

To the edge and back. Not a lot of excitement today, given it was a rest day.

Breakfast burritos started our day and led into a walk to the Edge of the World. The Edge of the World is a cool rock feature one can stand on, a lot like pride rock on Lion King but this one had a relief of 7,000 feet. The view will give you chills from the beauty and the sheer height of it. The walk is short but is nice to stretch the legs. Our legs are about to have a handful of large days coming their way. More napping and snacking have wrapped our day, along with a visit from another RMI team who did their carry to 14k camp.

Tomorrow we are hoping to move to 17k camp and be in position to summit this beast. It's all so close and yet, so far away. Send all the good weather vibes our way.

All the best,

Hannah and Team

Comments (8)

Yvonne and Nathan, I hope you all stay safe and strong. When you summit make sure to take in the view an extra few seconds for Rainier. Good luck, I love you both and I can’t wait to see you home in two weeks

Posted by: Linda Radsmikham on

Nathan and Yvonne, Rainier is cheering you guys and the team on so make sure you all stay safe. Btw, Mom is obsessed with reading the updates

Posted by: Kyle on

Each day I eagerly await (and not so patiently haha) for the next update!  And each update is more impressive than the last!  Your wish is our command!  Sending you perfect weather vibes, and the fortitude to push through to the summit! Tell Nathan and Yvonne we’re really missing them as we cheer on the entire team!! <3 <3

Posted by: Ellen Lewis on

We are so proud of our Master Aesthetician and the entire team.  We are sharing the blog updates will all of your clients.  Everyone is rooting for you!  KEEP WEARING YOUR SUNSCREEN!  Love, Beth, Dr. Fox, Natasha, Haley, Tiffany, Carlee, and Carmelina

Posted by: Lifted Beauty & Wellness Crew on

Best of luck to you and the team!  Such amazing pics!  Been following your progressing and sending the team good vibes for ideal weather and strength to get the rest of the way up and all the way down!!

Posted by: Gina Patrito on

Hey Hannah! I’m sending all the good weather and strong leg and big strong lungs and GREAT ATTITUDE thoughts to get you and your Team to the Summit!!!

Posted by: Dave Kestel on

N & Y - Rooting for you and team!!

Posted by: Eric C on

Go CJ and team!!  I want to see Edge of the world and head wall - so great to hear about.  Congratulations and excited to continue reading your adventures.  So proud!

Posted by: Eloise Loeffler on

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