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Kilimanjaro: Team is at High Camp Ready for Summit Bid

Hello again everyone,

The team had a good night’s rest last night and today was just a short 3 hour hike up to 15’000' to our high camp. It started out sunny, but then quickly clouded up thankfully for great hiking temperatures. The Equatorial sun at this elevation is quite intense, a little break was needed.

The team has just wrapped up lunch and discussed in great detail the plan for tomorrow’s climb. Everyone knows what we’ll be wearing, what will be in the pack, as well as the schedule.

Our game plan will be to wake at 11pm and have a quick breakfast at 11:30pm, then hopefully hit the trail right at midnight. The team has been doing great thus far and I’m expecting us to reach the summit in 7 to 8 hours if things go according to plan.

As per usual on a Casey climb, one lucky trivia winner will get a phone call from the summit.

So everyone back home please keep your phones handy and if you receive a call from a strange number please answer. We are 8+hrs ahead of the east coast time zone.

Wish us luck!

RMI Guide Casey Grom and the Summit Bound Crew

Comments (15)

Congratulations Eric, what an amazing accomplishment! Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear the stories!

Posted by: Kim and Jack on

Great job John and Bob and all the climbers!! I hope you loved the summit!!

Posted by: Brigid Miller on

Go Eric! We are all so proud of you!  Tals and Brayden wanted to say good luck and love you

Posted by: Patricia on

We are so proud of you Laura!!!!!! So glad we got to hear you.


As you can imagine we are trying to figure out the egg answer. Love you lots!

Posted by: Rich-E Schafer on

Go team! Go Eric! You’ve got this! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures. ❤️

Posted by: Vicki Sutton-Beattie on

GO DAD ! You got this!!

Posted by: LCSB on

15000 feet!  A record for both Bob and John!  Congrats!!!!!!  Honey, I hope you keep your home record for never losing Trivia!  I want that call!  Good luck to all the climbers;). I hope your summit is amazing!

Posted by: Melissa, Henry, Liam, Lauren on

Wishing the whole team the best and will keep you all in prayer for successful summit!
Cheers to Karl and Derek as we are all rooting for you!  We can’t wait to see all your photos!!  Love you

Posted by: Kim on

The clock on the wall tells me y’all are well into the final leg of this adventure.  Congratulations Bec and Jules and best wishes to the entire team.  Sending bunches of love from Me and the girls.

Posted by: Jeri on

Great news! You’ve been training for this! Excited for you!

Posted by: Alicia Avila on

Rooting for you ! You’re almost there! How exciting! Post pictures when you get to the top! Thanks for the great updates…we’re following every post!

Posted by: Laurie Tetreault on

Great job Team! Keep pushing Laura! I know you are killing it!

Krystal (Riche’s friend from Shavano)

Posted by: Krystal Brown on

Good luck Jules and Rebecca, and to all the climbers!  We’re excited to see those pictures from the summit!  Love, Mom and Dad!

Posted by: Kim Scogna on

Good luck Sultan et al.  Enjoy the view.

Posted by: Jimmy on

  Katy and Jonny, what a great experience and accomplishment!  Almost to the top!  Congratulation to everyone!

Posted by: Rosalie Thomas on

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