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RMI Expeditions Blog

Gokyo Trek: Elias and Team Explore Namche

Namaste from Namche,

We enjoyed a day in this neurological center that is Namche, old trading town, when the Sherpa from Tibet came to the southern slop of the Himalaya to commerce their goods.

In order to allow for acclimating, we took a good walk on the main trail of the Everest Base Camp route, to get astonishing views of the range, with Ama Dablam as the most imposing figure. A small museum with some Sherpa artifacts, as well as graphical descriptions of their traditions provided great education about this old mountain culture.

We ventured for lunch away from the tourists, and chose a local “Chia Pasal” where true locals eat their dahl bhat and momos (for a fraction of the price and double the smiles)

The afternoon was spent resting, and simply enjoying being in the heart of the biggest mountain range of the world.

Stay tuned for more.
RMI Guide Elias de Andres Martos

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Gokyo Trek: Elias & Team Arrive in Namche Bazaar

Namaste from Namche Bazaar, a.k.a. “downtown Khumbu”, as the Sherpa say. 

Our second day on the trails delivered the best weather possible, which allowed for the first view of two Himalayan giants, Lhotse and Chomolongma in the distance, but also the towering Tamserku and Kushum Kangkaru, that overlooked our progress like patient sentinels.

Crossing the suspension bridges back and forth over the Dudh Koshi River, while taking turns with the caravans of Dzo Dzos (hybrid between yak and cow) added excitement to the steady elevation gaining of our legs.

Arriving in Namche was a surreal image, as people from all over the world merge here from the different circuits of this region. Our rewarding dinner is bringing us now close to bed, and we look forward to spending a day here tomorrow allowing our bodies to acclimate to the new altitude.

RMI Guide Elías de Andres Martos and team

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Gokyo Trek: Elias and Team Depart Kathmandu, Fly to Lukla

Tasidelek from Phakding! We flew to the famous Lukla airstrip this morning, and after uniting with our Sherpa guide and our porters, we had a quick breakfast and hit the trails. The majesty of the Himalayas quickly overwhelmed our senses, and despite the fact that low in the valley the crowds are somewhat sizeable before they disperse, we embraced what the cobbled trails started to offer out of the gates.

We’re now about to have dinner and an early bed time to compensate for the early wake up today for the airplane ride. However, the slow pace of life in the Himalaya is setting in, and we love it.

RMI Guide Elías de Andres Martos and team

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Have a nice expedition!! Be safe.

Posted by: Louis-Philippe on 10/19/2017 at 7:03 am

Gokyo Trek: Elias & Team Land in Kathmandu

Namaste from Kathmandu!

Everyone arrived safely and timely to Kathmandu late last night. We had an easy day today just resting after the long hours of international flying, enjoying our welcome meal in the Thamel area, and wandering a bit in the busy streets of that area of town before the jet lag started to set in. We called it a day on the early side to allow the body to start adjusting with ease to the time change and in preparation for a busier day tomorrow. The upcoming day will be a a formal visit of the main historical monuments of Nepal’s capital and packing for our flight into the mountains the following day. Stay tuned for the real start of our Gokyo adventure soon!

RMI Guide Elias de Andres Martos and team

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Hey Steve! Hope the hiking is going well.  Enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures to share! Looking forward to virtual tour when you return!

Posted by: Audrey on 10/23/2017 at 7:51 am

Namaste Marie-Sarah, François and all,
Wide open your eyes and enjoy these calm and zen places.

Posted by: Roger Brosseau on 10/20/2017 at 5:23 am

Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Team Descend to Tlachichuca

Hello from Tlachichuca,

We are all exhausted from a wonderfully successful summit day on Orizaba and are now enjoying the hospitality of Dr. Reyes in the beautiful town of Tlachichuca.  We awoke at midnight this morning to clear skies above, and began our climb with cautious optimism. The weather held for us and we were treated with perfect conditions for our climb. The skies were clear and the snow was perfect for cramponing. With the sunrise we were treated with abounding views of the Mexican country side, including the towering vistas of Ixta and Malinche. We were ecstatic to have 100% of our team make it to the summit!
After descending the mountain and taking a long bumpy truck ride back to town we enjoyed hot showers and a delicious meal. It was a great day to top off an amazing week!

RMI Guide JT Schmitt

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I had the privilege of climbing on the October 9 trip to the Mexico Volcanos with a great team led by RMI Guides Christina Dale and JT Schmidt. Thank you Christina and JT for your seamless leadership that inspired all the members of our team to 100% success on both Ixta and Orizaba. Thank you to the team members who worked so well together. Our team was perhaps more “mature” in age than most and relatively experienced. Christina and JT made this trip extraordinary in all ways, continuing to teach and add to our knowledge base. 
This was truly one of the very best climbing experiences I have ever had and I will cherish the fond memories of our time together.

Posted by: Autumn Zentz on 10/18/2017 at 9:33 am

Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Team Summit Pico de Orizaba with 100%

Hey, this is Christina calling in with another wonderful summit from the Mexico’s Volcanoes team. We have gotten yet again a hundred percent of our team to the summit. Everyone’s feeling really well and super happy to be here, up on the top. We have a gorgeous blue sky day with very light winds, absolutely gorgeous new blanket of snow covering this mountain making it wonderful climbing. We are looking forward to heading back down to hot showers congratulations to the RMI Team.

RMI Guide Christina Dale

RMI Guide Christina Dale checks in from the summit of Pico de Orizaba.

On The Map

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Team At Orizaba’s High Camp

This is Christina with the RMI Volcano Mexico team, and we are currently eating tacos, chicken tacos, in a hut at 14,000 feet on the side of Pico de Orizaba. The weather is in and the peak above us has a new blanket of snow that reaches all the way down to our camp for the night. After our extreme weather on Ixta, we’re hoping for calmer winds and clear skies. We’d even settle for clouds at this point. The two-hour jeep ride up here to our high camp today was the perfect illustration of our group this week. We found ourselves laughing at David’s stories and turning to Rob for his pop culture references. Craig was there with his ever joyful spirit and always had M&M’s to offer around. Lorenzo made sure everyone was comfortable and happy. Steve constantly amazes us with his strength inconsistency. Then there’s Patty who rocks at everything she does and always enjoys a good laugh. Somehow this group was able to make a bumpy dirt road fun. JT and I feel so lucky to have spent this week with these wonderful people and climbing in the high mountains of Mexico. Orizaba tomorrow. Hope for good weather. Thank you.

RMI Guide Christina Dale

RMI Guide Christina Dale calls in from Pico de Orizaba High camp.

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Team Spend the Day Sightseeing in Puebla

Our team spent the rest day wandering around the beautiful streets and churches of Puebla today.  We saw some beautiful churches, community parks, ceramic studios, and street musicians.  Everyone feels tired after our Ixta climb but in great spirits to go climb Pico de Orizaba on Saturday.  We all talked over a delicious dinner about what we learned climbing Ixta and are excited for the next challenge.  We are enjoying our time in the mountains and towns of Mexico.  Fingers crossed for clear sky’s on Orizaba!

RMI Guide Christina Dale

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Team Check in with a Summit Recap

We lay in our tents listening to the sounds of heavy rain, snow, hail, then lighting and thunder at High Camp in Ixta.  Miraculous, at 1 am the weather cleared and we packed up to head for the summit.  We climbed through the dark night into a dense cloud.  Everyone made it to the summit with a layer of rime ice surrounding their faces.  We had quick hugs on the summit then hustled back down.  The weather progressively worsened on our descent to a point where the winds were so strong we couldn’t stand against them.  It was a true blizzard and everyone on the team did so well getting down safely.  We definitely had a full value climb with lots of excitement. 

RMI Guide Christina Dale

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Dale & Entire Team Reach Summit of Ixtaccihuatl

Hey, this is Christina calling in with the Mexico climb at 7:45 in the morning, and we are standing on the summit. It is howling wind sideways and blowing snow so everyone’s covered in a layer of rime. Everyone did so well climbing and we are all up here in good spirits taking a very quick photo, and then we’re going to be out of here quick because the weather is coming in. Tomorrow is our rest day and we are all looking forward to it. Congratulations to our team, we are 100% on the summit of Ixta.

RMI Guide Christina Dale

RMI Guide Christina Dale calls from the summit of Ixtaccihuatl.

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