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RMI Expeditions Blog

Mt. Rainier: July 18th Summit!

The Four Day Summit Climb led by RMI Guide Leon Davis reached the Crater Rim of Mt. Rainier early this morning.  The weather did not allow for the team to spend very much time on top. They have started their descent are now en route to Camp Muir.

Congratulations to today’s team!

Best to the team and love to my hubby, Jim McKenna…Hoping that the summit is in the clear for a safe and glorious climb!

Posted by: Angie McKenna on 7/18/2016 at 7:12 pm

Alpamayo: Elias & Team Make Good Time to Moraine Camp

Good afternoon from Camp 1, aka Moraine Camp. Rain this morning gave way to high clouds, and patches of sun encouraged us to not delay our move up. Even with heavier loads, we beat our time from our carry two days ago, and now we’re finding ourselves relaxing in our tents, with the vestibules pointing to the most astonishing views one can hope; Artesonraju, Paron, Paria, Alpamayo, Quitaraju,,, are only a few of the jagged peaks we have in near horizons. We’re excited and ready for our move to High Camp tomorrow.

Best regards,
RMI Guide Elías de Andres Martos and team.

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Take a Rest Day

Hello again from the Ishinca Valley. The Peru Seminar team is in the midst of an afternoon siesta as we recover from our exertion on Ishinca yesterday, and prepare for a climb on Urus tomorrow. Despite sleeping in and having a lazy breakfast this morning, we managed to spend a few hours training on crevasse rescue and snow anchor construction.
All in all the team is doing quite well. We have battled sporadic GI challenges and a bit of discomfort from altitude, but the team is taking care of themselves and their perseverance is making all the difference. Group dinners are funny and full of lively conversation. As guides it is incredible to watch a team come together and be a strong functional unit. Now that we are a week into the program, it seems like we are firing on all cylinders and ready to take on any challenges that present themselves on the next two peaks.

All for now,
RMI Guides Eric Frank, Robby Young and the Peru Seminar team

Mt. Elbrus: Grom & Team Back in Cheget

Hello everyone:

Not much to report today, other than everybody slept very soundly last night after some much needed sleep. It was a pretty relaxing day here in Cheget and we ventured out to have lunch at a local restaurant that has a small trout pond, but we opted to leave the fishing up to the locals. After lunch the team wandered through this very small town and did a little shopping too.
We have just finished dinner and a little ceremony where we handed out certificates, congratulated everyone and said a big thanks to our local outfitter for all of their help.
Tomorrow it’s off to beautiful St. Petersburg!

RMI Guide Casey Grom

Mt. Rainier: July 17th Team Summits!

The Mt. Rainier Summit Climb team, led by Kel Rossiter, reached the summit at 6:00 a.m.  The team was above the clouds, with the cloud deck hovering around 11,000ft.  After spending an hour on top, they began their descent.

Congratulations to today’s climbers!

Way to go Eric!  Amazing!!  Now get back to work!  :)

Posted by: Kim on 7/17/2016 at 6:48 pm

Congratulation Eric!!!

Posted by: Bob and Liz on 7/17/2016 at 6:14 pm

Mt. Elbrus: Justman & Team Meet in Moscow

The July 15th Russia team has officially begun with a great day touring the great city of Moscow. The team is great and we certainly are looking forward to heading to Cheget to get the climb underway tomorrow. However, today we had a relaxing day seeing some of the highlights of this great city. Check out the video below and we will check back in from the little ski town of Cheget soon.

RMI Guide JJ Justman

Kilimanjaro: Tucker & Team Descend to Mweka Camp

Early up, early down. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish before noon when you have a strong team. We’re all together here at our 10,000ft Camp Mweka. A tired crew for sure but that can’t hide the glow on their sunscreen faces. A bit breezy and temps in the teens couldn’t keep the whole boat from dropping anchor on the summit. Altitude records for all but that is so over shadowed by the bond between climbing partners I witnessed this fine day. The compassion exhibited to one another during this physical and mental challenge to people that you just met gives you hope for all mankind. The support, friendliness and caring by our local outfitter, the Dik Dik Lodge, solidifies its world wide. Up early, a few hours down hill, then it’s lodge time!

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

On The Map

It was so nice to read about the bond that has formed among the group.  Not only will this trip create amazing memories for you, but you all have formed friendships that will last a lifetime.  Congratulations!

Odette, Taylor’s mom

Posted by: Odette Hankins on 7/17/2016 at 6:44 pm

Kilimanjaro: Tucker & Team Summit!

Hey, down there! I have a whole bunch of people on the summit of Kilimanjaro! Beautiful conditions. The team is fantastic. Had a blast; wish you were there. We’re going to go ahead and start making our way the other direction. Port of call: Mweka Camp tonight. Thanks for checking in. We’ll be talking later.

RMI Guide Mark Tucker

RMI Guide Mark Tucker calls in from the Kilimanjaro summit!

On The Map

You did it!  Congratulations to the whole team!!  Sending my love to Taylor from down here in Cleveland.  We love you!!!


Posted by: Odette Hankins on 7/17/2016 at 6:58 am

Alpamayo: Elias & Team Hike Before Some R&R at Base Camp

Good evening once again from Alpamayo Base Camp. All is well here. After a rest day, we’re all eager to start moving uphill for good. We spent the day with a short hike to Arhuaycoccha, a beautiful turquoise lake hanging 15 minutes above BC, and underneath the Pucajirca Group, just at 4,420m. We followed with a review of anchor transitions, and lunch and a nap took care of the afternoon… Being well rested is key for the demanding pitches ahead. We just had dinner, and the funny note was the competition trying to cheat the pulse ox meter (not much room to do so when all these four individuals are as fit as one can be).
That’s all for now, tomorrow we’ll be checking in from Moraine Camp on our move upwards.

Regards, RMI Guide Elías de Andres Martos and tea

Peru Seminar: Young & Team Summit Ishinca!

Greetings! Buenos dias from the summit of Nevado Ishinca, 18,143 feet. The RMI Peru Seminar team is on top right now. We have a beautiful day, beautiful weather. Not a better day of climbing in the Cordillera Blanca Range of Peru. The team wants to say hi. [Cheers from the background.] The team is on their descent and will check in later.

RMI Guide Robby Young

RMI Guide Robby Young calls from the Ishinca summit!

Anxious to hear about the climbs..my daughter, Ilene Carpenter, is in the group.  Hope all is well and safe.

Posted by: joan locker on 7/17/2016 at 9:50 am

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