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Entries from Mexico

Mexico: Wittmier and Team Summit Ixta and look forward to Tacos

With dust in our eyes (it hasn’t snowed here since early January) and a dream in our hearts (no matter how dirty and tired we are, we all continue wanting it), we awoke at 12:45am this morning to climb Iztaccíhuatl (Ixta). Actually, we were all awake around 10:45pm to overhear the saga of two of our climbers trying to get a mouse out of their tent. Either way, these alpine starts always seem to come a touch too early.

Our day started with a sleepy ascent of “The Knees” section of the route. Once atop “The Knees”, there was a moderate wind that stuck around all day. Most of us wore parkas for nearly the entire climb; it was chilly but beautifully clear. Once the sun came up, we could clearly pick out skyscrapers in downtown Mexico City, which is unassumingly, the fifth largest city in the world.

The group powered through cold, wind and dust and everyone who made the attempt today also reached the summit! Congrats to this bus full of climbers who will enjoy their well-deserved Tacos Arabe in Puebla this evening.


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BEAUTIFUL sky, those clouds omg! hope yall are enjoying some of the most well-earned tacos on the planet right now :D may all your future rests be mouse-free and your summits be as gorgeous as this one!

Posted by: Corey on 2/16/2023 at 7:54 am

Hey Dustin! Thank you for all the updates! Brings back such cool memories! All the Best to yopu and your team for your next climb !!!
Farmer Dave

Posted by: Dave Kestel on 2/16/2023 at 3:48 am

Mexico: Wittmier and Team enjoy Valentines Day at High Camp

Feliz Día de San Valentin :)

We are now settled in at high camp on Ixta after a day of good Mexican eating and a four hour hike with heavy packs.

Everyone is in good spirits as we enjoy another nice sunset and prepare for our first big summit attempt of the trip.


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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Wittmier & Team Climb La Malinche, Enjoy Super Bowl

Today we are headed to Ixtaccihuatl via a several hour bus ride from the La Malintzi resort. It was a restful evening feasting on a parrillada and watching the Superbowl on a Spanish telecast. A well-deserved restful evening after successfully summitting La Malinche, which is hit or miss and dependent on how much argument (in Spanish) you’re willing to engage in with a heavily armed police officer. This time they left us alone, perhaps because it was such a nice day with no threat of lightning or rain.

Now we are in transit to Amecameca for some last-minute supplies. Today is mostly a travel and organization day, not quite a real rest day yet. We will update via InReach from the mountain so you can follow our progress!

RMI Guide Dustin Wittmier

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perfect weather and summit dogs?! what a great start!! congrats Anne and Lauren (and the rest of the crew!) wishing you more successful summits both this trip AND alaska when we get there! :)

cheers, Corey

Posted by: Corey on 2/14/2023 at 6:09 am

Mexico’s Volcanoes: Westling & Team Summit Orizaba

All who attempted had a successful summit of Pico de Orizaba today!

Starting at the alpine hour of 1AM, the stars let us know we had a clear morning to climb. Everything went seamlessly as we ascended through steep rocks to the start of the Jamapa glacier. We roped up with our ice axes in hand and climbed to the summit, enjoying the sunrise and shadow of the mountain stretching far across the landscape from 18,491’. 

Although this mountain takes a lot out of us climbers, everyone was in high spirits afterwards, knowing our trip was successful and complete. 

Tonight, we celebrate our trip and our last night as a team!

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Westling & Team Ready for Orizaba

We are in the final days of our trip as we traveled from Puebla to Tlachichuca today. We packed our climbing packs one final time for Pico de Orizaba, preparing our gear for the last climb of our trip. Once loaded up in the 4x4s for our journey, we drove the dusty and bumpy road to Piedra Grande; our high camp, looking at Orizaba getting closer to us throughout the drive. After reaching our destination we set up our camp for the night and walked around the camp, stretching our legs and familiarizing ourselves with what 14,000 feet feels like once again. After our rest day, everyone feels prepared for the climb ahead! Tonight we tuck in early as we have an early start for our climb tomorrow.

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Westling & Team Explore City of Puebla

Thursday, January 19, 2023 - 7:24 pm PT

After a successful climb, the team enjoyed a well-deserved rest day in the colorful city of Puebla.

Taking to the streets for a walking tour, we explored the rich history of the city, learning about Cinco de Mayo and the folklore of the mountains we climb. We also discovered local markets full of art, produce and local specialty food like the Cemitas, a sandwich- these ones larger than your head, named after the sesame seeds on the bread.

It wouldn't have been a complete trip to Puebla without trying all different types of mole. Some of the team enjoyed a flight of five types of mole at dinner tonight! Each tasting much different than the last. 

Overall, everyone took advantage of the day to rest and explore. Our sights are set on Pico de Orizaba as we leave Puebla tomorrow morning. 

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Westling & Team Reach Summit of Ixta

100% of our team reached the summit of Ixtaccihuatl this morning!

Everyone’s training and perseverance paid off. Not everyday do the mountains provide us with the right conditions but today the mountain granted us safe passage to the summit and back. 

Not only were we able to climb, our early start was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise and clear views of a magnificent Popocatépetl erupting just across from us. 

After a long day of climbing we travel to Puebla for showers, a comfortable bed, and of course, mole.

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexico Volcanoes: Westling and Team Move to Ixta High Camp

We moved to our high camp on Ixta today!

Despite our packs heavy with climbing gear and tents, we moved through the rocky terrain easily, enjoying the views of the route, Popo, and the valleys below us- stretching as far as the eye can see. With La Malinche under our belts, we are all feeling good at 15,400 feet and prepared for our climb early tomorrow.

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexicos Volcanoes: Westling & Team Prepare for Ixta Climb

We awoke to another beautiful and clear morning, perfect for our active rest day. After enjoying some street tacos and meeting with our local guide we hopped back in the van to travel to Paso de Cortez. From here our team left the van to walk to La Joya- our camp for the night. Along the trail we soaked in the sun and surrounding nature. It was relaxing compared to our long climb yesterday! Tonight, we trade the comforts of hotels for tents as we prepare for our ascent to High Camp tomorrow.

RMI Guide Abby Westling

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Mexico’s Volcanoes: Westling & Team Reach top of La Malinche

The team had an early start to the day, leaving Mexico City and driving to our acclimatization hike. 

We began our ascent at 10,000 feet, weaving our way through the forest until we were greeted with a view of the snowy North face of La Malinche. Despite the snow up high, it was a beautiful and warm day to stretch our legs. 

Our team had a successful summit of La Malinche (14,640 feet) that was made perfect by views of Ixta, Orizaba and even an erupting Popo. 

Spirits are high as we prepare for Ixta in the coming days!

-RMI Guide Abby Westling and Team

Leave a Comment For the Team (1)

Looks amazing

Posted by: Nancy Elser on 1/16/2023 at 9:08 am

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