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Entries from Everest BC Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Leave Phakding

Namaste everyone. This morning we left our tea house in Phakding and headed up this stunning valley toward Namche Bazaar, which is the largest village in this famous valley. We hit the trail just after 8:00 along with quite a few other trekkers. Everyone did really well on the hike, and no one seemed to mind pausing often for the endless mules and Zopkeos (cross between a Yak and a cow) carrying loads headed up valley and basecamp as we made our up the trail. It was reasonably busy on the route with trekkers and climbers, but the traffic seem to flow pretty smoothly. The team crossed a number of high suspension bridges without a problem, even with a light snow falling. Overall it was a really enjoyable day as we climbed up to just over 11,200' where Namche sits. RMI Guide Casey Grom and Base Camp crew
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Way to go, Chad. You are finally fulfilling a lifetime dream. Looks like you are having fun with your new found friends. Rock on, buddy. Can’t wait to hear all about this fantastic venture.

Posted by: Warren Burgert on 3/22/2019 at 1:18 pm

Way to go Jayne and rob…watching you keeps us young !

Posted by: Ernie & Victoria on 3/19/2019 at 2:31 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom and Team Hit the Trail

Hello from the Khumbu Valley! We started our day here pretty early, meeting in the hotel lobby at 5 a.m. After checking out of the hotel, it was a short ride to the domestic airport where we weighed all of our duffels and backpacks before getting tickets and slipping through a very laid back security check. Normally there’s a little bit of waiting before heading out to the plane, but today things moved along pretty quickly. The flights to Lukla have a reputation of being a little intimidating and bumpy, but thankfully today’s flight was pretty smooth and uneventful. It’s about a 30 minute flight in a small 16-passenger Twin Otter with stunning views of the Himalayas. We landed on the small runway in Lukla that’s only about a quarter mile in length and has a slight uphill angle. After we touched down, the plane was unloaded and our local Sherpa guides hired a few porters that will be carrying our duffels throughout the trek. We made a brief stop at a local tea house to have breakfast and get situated before hitting the trail. We hiked for about four hours today with few stops to rest and to take in the beautiful scenery. We arrived at our camp for the night in a village called Phakding just in time for a well earned lunch. The team got settled, had naps, or explored a little before walking a short way to one of the many monasteries here in the Khumbu Valley. Luckily for us the monks were having a prayer session and allowed us to sit in while they chanted and blew their horns. It was very surreal and a wonderful way to start this adventure. All is well! RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

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Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom and Team Arrive in Kathmandu

The Everest Base Camp team finally has arrived after some very long and tiring flights. Everyone is doing well after a well deserved night of rest here at the peaceful and appropriately named Yak & Yeti Hotel. We started our day with a nice big buffet breakfast, then had a team meeting to discuss all the gear and review the details of the adventure that we are about to head out on. After our meeting we headed out on a brief tour of Kathmandu were we visited the beautiful Monkey Temple, and the famous Boudhanath Stupa. It's quite the culture shock visiting this busy city packed with nearly 4 million people. The streets are packed with people, motorcycles, and cars that honk endlessly. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to peace and quietness of the Khumbu where we head tomorrow. RMI Guide Casey Grom
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Rob- thought I saw you in the restaurant picture with EBC crew. Have a great trip up the Khumbu. Sorry to miss you for Spain and Norway with Gabi. Namaste.

Posted by: Elsie Bemiss on 3/17/2019 at 8:52 pm

Congrats on making it to the destination, Eileen! You rock! :) Love you!

Posted by: AJ & Steph Mikloiche on 3/17/2019 at 12:17 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Return to Kathmandu

Back safe and sound in Kathmandu! Flight out of Lukla went smooth. Everyone is enjoying the comforts here at the Yak & Yeti hotel, along with hot showers, good food, and the warm temps. It's been one amazing adventure with a great team and it will be sad to say goodbye, but we are all looking forward to getting back home to our loved ones. Thanks for following. RMI Guide Casey Grom and a happy crew
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Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Complete Trek, Arrive in Lukla

Hello again We woke to a little new snow today, but thankfully it cleared before our final hike to Lukla. We started early to beat the traffic and made good time, yet taking time to enjoy this peaceful and majestic place. There were still dozens of loads headed for Base Camp as always, because much of the needed supplies arrive via plane or from a few days away by mules. We also ran into several more friends on the trail headed for Everest and it was nice to say hello and wish them luck. With a little luck we hope to be back in Kathmandu tomorrow morning! Keep your fingers crossed for us. RMI Guide Casey Grom
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Glad EBC was good. I am at OR2K in Pokhara now- down from the mountains this morning. Chillin here until 3rd. Happy Easter

Posted by: Elsie on 3/31/2018 at 2:58 am

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Descend to Namche

Hello again everyone. All is still well here in the Khumbu as the team members made our way back into Namche. It was a super busy day on the trail with climbers, Trekkers, yaks, and porters all bound uphill to Everest Base Camp. We slowly made our way through the maze of traffic and enjoyed one last good view of Everest. Along the way we ran into several old friends from my past trips and stopped to wish everyone good luck. Tomorrow we'll be moving out early on our final leg of the journey back to Lukla. Please keep you fingers crossed we have good weather and can make our flight back to Kathmandu the following morning. RMI Guide Casey Grom
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Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Enjoy Base Camp, Begin their Descent

Hey everybody, this is Casey Grom checking in from the Everest Base Camp Trek. We finally got reception so I'm able to give you guys an update. Just wanted to let you know that all is going well. Yesterday we woke up to quite a little storm happening at Everest Base Camp. The jet stream had arrived and it slammed into the upper mountain so we had some winds gusting around and some snow blowing. Luckily for us by about noon it looked like the jet stream had lifted and the weather cleared. We ended up having a really beautiful afternoon. Most of the team at hot showers at Base Camp, and so everybody's super excited about that. After the team got showers, we got suited up and walked about 200 yards to the start of the climbing route. It's just outside of where our Base Camp is. We wanted to walk over to take a look at it, it's a safe area and it's the start of the Ice Fall, but far from any danger. It's sort of the crampon point, it's a starting point to the route. We went over there and took some great photos and then came back in and and had an amazing night. Our Base Camp Staff made a wonderful dinner and a cake to celebrate our trek and to celebrate one of our team members up and coming birthday. So that was yesterday. Today we woke up to calm beautiful clear day and said good bye to our gracious hosts at Everest Base Camp, all of our staff, and we started making our way down hill. In fact, we hiked for about eight hours today, with breaks and then lunch of course. We left Base Camp located at about 17,500' and a few hours ago we arrived here in Pheriche at about 14,000 feet. The thick air and the warmer temperatures down here have everybody feeling great and in good spirits, so all is well. I'm hoping that will have some wi-fi tomorrow. There wasn't enough connectivity tonight for me to get on to send any pictures. Sorry that I wasn't able to get a dispatch out last night. I just couldn't get a reception from from Camp. So anyway all is well, and hope to get you some pictures here tomorrow. RMI Guide Casey Grom

RMI Guide Casey Grom checks in from the Everest Base Camp Trek.

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Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Arrive at Everest Base Camp

Hello everybody - This is Casey calling in from the Everest Base Camp Trek. I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that we had a nice hike today and beautiful weather with fantastic views of Nuptse and Everest and the whole Khumbu Glacier as we headed out of Gorak Shep. We got in about a three hour hike, slightly up hill. We gained about 400 to 500 feet of elevation from Gorak Shep. We slowly made our way along the lateral moraine, so we're on the trail which basically rides right next to the glacier for about two hours before we drop down on to the Khumbu Glacier itself. We made our way along with all the yaks and other trekkers and climbers into base camp. The team is doing incredibly well. We were thankful to have such nice weather to hike in today. We got into camp and had a nice big break. We sat down had a big lunch, and then we just spent the remainder of the afternoon just relaxing here in camp. We had a little minor snowstorm come in it just dusted up a little bit, but nothing nothing major. We just wrapped up a big dinner and the team is doing incredibly well and looking forward exploring to a little bit, taking a walk around Base Camp. Anyway, that's all for today, and I look forward to seeing some pictures to you guys once we getting back to where will have some wi-fi service and alright. That's it. RMI Guide Casey Grom

RMI Guide Casey Grom calls in from Everest Base Camp.

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Congratulations on your trek!
Love and miss you Bill.
So proud of you!

Posted by: Marta Bannigan on 3/27/2018 at 8:25 pm

Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Arrive At Gorak Shep

Namaste Everyone Today we bumped up to Gorak Shep, which is our last camp before Everest Base Camp. It was a pretty short day of hiking, only 2.5 hours. Gorak Shep is sort of like the last outpost in a bad western film. It’s a little run down and the locals look a little rough. And they should as it sits at nearly 17,000', so life is not easy to say the least. Pretty sure the music stopped when we strolled into town. Just kidding. It’s not so bad here. Our team is doing well and everyone is looking forward to reaching Base Camp. RMI Guide Casey Grom
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Everest Base Camp Trek: Grom & Team Make Their way to Lobuche

All is well here on the trek! Today we left Pheriche and hiked further up valley to Lobuche. We slowly made our way along the winding path that we share with other trekkers, porters heavily laden with loads bound for Base Camp, and yaks who aren't as keen to share the trail. We made good time and enjoyed the astounding views before reaching camp for the night. In the afternoon we took a short walk to a overlook of the Khumbu Glacier where we could just make out Base Camp far in the distance. Everyone is currently relaxing in our tea house enjoying the warmth of fire. There's been lots of cribbage and plenty of good conversation with our team and other trekkers on the same journey as us. RMI Guide Casey Grom and crew

On The Map

Leave a Comment For the Team (2)

Congratulations on a Very successful Adventure and thanks for the call from the TOP
Love Mom and DAD

Posted by: Bobby and Penny Parsons on 3/26/2018 at 7:26 am

Wow the pictures are amazing! Good to know you all are safe and keeping warm. Safe journey home Angel. We are proud of you!
Bill & Nancy

Posted by: Nancy & Bill Hicks on 3/25/2018 at 9:21 pm

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