Elbrus Team Braves Rain in Russia

Posted by: | July 28, 2009
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Elevation: 7,500'

Hello again everyone,

The team awoke this morning to the soothing sound of rainfall. After a quick breakfast of cream of wheat and fried eggs we headed out into the downpour to test our waterproof pants and jackets. We had hopes of going on a long hike to help start our acclimatization, but after a short walk and a few rides on ski lifts we were greeted with more rain that eventually turned to snow. Although our adventure was short lived, everyone enjoyed riding the lifts, seeing the new snow and we even managed to climb just over 10,000 ft. We are excited for Elbrus.

After our brief and wet exploration we head back into town for a little last minute shopping, lunch and to make it back to our hotel just in time for a quick nap before dinner.

Dinner was nice and the team is adjusting to the fine Russian cuisine. Ever wonder why you don’t see Russian restaurants in the States. Well, I assure you there is a reason. It almost seems as if there is an over abundance of Dill and the locals are attempting to eradicate it by ingesting it. For some reason they have volunteered us to help them with this.


That’s all for now. The team is doing great and we are looking forward to moving further up the mountain tomorrow.



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