Elbrus Team Moves to the Barrels

Posted by: | July 29, 2009
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Elevation: 12,000'

Greetings from Russia,

Today the team left the comforts of town and headed up hill to our new home on Elbrus for the next few days. We started our day with a ride in an enclosed ski lift, switched to a gondola, and then finished it off with a single chair lift. This unique transportation system delivered us to 12,000’ where we will spend the next few days getting ready for our climb. Our new home is in a series of giant barrels. They are quite nice, especially on days like today where there is a slight blizzard outside.

After our arrival we headed out into the inclement weather for another acclimatization hike. After a few hours of battling the wind and snow we headed back home, had dinner (dill free thankfully) and are currently cozy in our heated barrels.

The team is doing great and we will check in again tomorrow.

The Barrels - Sleeping Quarters



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